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Time to be mentally prepared for the shift, Time to be physically ready, Time to check your equipment, Time to clean, Time to train, Time to preplan, Time to study, Time to learn territory, Time to know good routes, Time to know where your water is, Time to know building construction, Time to go to work, Time to study the scene, Time to sweat, Time to Think about what your doing, Time to gather your wits, Time to calm down, Time to do a walk around, Time to manage, Time to call for help, Time to set ladders, Time to stretch a line, Time to force entry, Time to go on air, Time to flow water, Time to check air, Time to search, Time to rescue, Time to ventilate, Time to check your partner, Time to suck it up, Time to rehab, Time to overhaul, Time to pack it up, Time to critique, Time to say good job, Time to get out, Time to go defensive, Time to Study, Time to Study, Time to Study, Time to know the JOB, Time to do your best, Time to do it again, Time to go home and take care of your family, Time for a cup of coffee, Time to rest, Time to think about Time.

Timing is everything in the fire service. Set aside Time for all these things. It is your life and the man beside you. Strive to do the best in every aspect of the job. Know as much as you can and do as much as you can to help those that are coming up the ranks. Pass the torch of knowledge; it could be their life. Your mind is a giant toolbox; fill it with as much knowledge of the world as possible. Get back in school, take classes again and again. Remember, you don’t know it all. Time is everything.

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Comment by Chris Fleming on October 24, 2008 at 10:09am
"It's hero time! Hero time starts right NOW!"
Henry Rollins

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