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Tommy Carr named Fire Chief in Charleston South Carolina

I received a note today from the IAFF informing us that Tom Carr currently the fire chief in Montgomery County Fire and Rescue, has accepted the job as fire chief for the city of Charleston. I'd like to extend my heartiest is congratulations to the city of Charleston, the Charleston firefighters and to my good friend Tom Carr. Tom has been and continues to be a firefighter's firefighter and will do a great job as the chief in Charleston. As it is with any new chief coming from the outside, Tom will need a little time to get familiar with his new city and his new assignment.

I know that the firefighters in Charleston will give Tom a world-class reception and the dignified respect that they are so well known for. Tom Carr will bring to the city of Charleston his unbridled passion, his deep and extensive knowledge of the American fire service and a strong and unwavering sense of duty.

Many will hope that Tom will make sudden and abrupt changes that Tom knows better, Tom knows that sudden and abrupt are rarely meaningful and more often than not simply destructive. Tom together with the brave and dedicated men and women of the Charleston fire Department will determine how to improve upon the 95% of work that is currently being done to the highest standards and raise it to 99 or 100%.

By working together with everyone concerned with the safety and welfare of the citizens and firefighters of Charleston, a city of unparalleled beauty and deep historical and social significance to America as a whole, Tom will work with deliberate purpose to affect change on the 5% that truly requires change. Determining what that is, is never easy and that is why selecting a man like Tom Carr was so important to Charleston Fire Department.

On behalf of Fire Engineering, myself and thousands of other firefighters who have grown to know, love and respect Tom Carr our deepest congratulations and our best wishes to your future. I know we all look forward to visiting with you soon in your new offices in Charleston South Carolina.

If you have one piece of advice you'd like to give Tom Carr what one suggestion, what advice would that be?

Also I'd like to know what everyone really thinks Tom, should focus on, concentrate on and get done in his first year in Charleston. It's not as easy as one would think it might be being a chief especially from the outside so I'm sure Tom would appreciate any advice suggestions and thoughts you might have. I sure would too!

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Comment by Frank Ricci on October 22, 2008 at 7:50pm
Tom Carr is a true leader and a consummate professional. I wish him luck in his new endeavor
Comment by Brenda Tenney on September 30, 2008 at 4:16pm
Am from Bamburg County,and I think Tom will do very well.,for the FD of Charleston SC. Brenda from Bamburg county,South Carolina..Best of luck for Tom......

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