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Emergency fire evacuation | Emergency evacuation plans

Emergency Evacuation Plans is not just about how well you know your building and not just about how you evacuate and whether you know how to evacuate safely.

An important part of training includes directions connected with emergency evacuation plans. These kinds of directions or maps are usually put up in proper areas over the building (usually in hallways, bedrooms as well as leave points) as well as display wherever anyone viewing the guide is located and the closest escape course. The venue connected with directions over the building need to be conspicuous as well as constant allowing people to very easily identify the directions to exit.
Do you know where to assemble if you have to evacuate your building? The second thought that can come to you, isn't it enough that I have escaped the building and didn't cause the company any hassle? The answer is NO, by actually making sure that you reach the assembly area safely, you are helping your responsible fire emergency warden to make sure that you are not trapped inside, that allows warden to communicate with the fire brigade personnel (in fire emergency situation) to intervene the building. 
By doing the right thing, you are possibly preventing fire brigade personnel from risking his/her life. Preparing yourself for emergency just needs a conscientious thinking. A conscientious thinking is lot more effective than spending lot of money in emergency planning.

The sequence of an evacuation plans can be divided into detection, decision, alarm, reaction, movement and transportation.

Manage your occupant safety with evacuation plan and emergency procedure manual

Are you a business owner? Do you know about the change in legislation in work place? Do you know your responsibility for your employees? Did you know that, not having an emergency evacuation plan for your business place could lead to heavy penalties for your business? It does not have to be any incidence for this to be applicable. A simple assessment from the relevant authority could cause this problem. BETTER BE SAFE THAN SORRY.
Do you have emergency evacuation plan and Emergency Procedure Manual for your business premises? Are you aware that having an Emergency Procedure Manual for your business premises is mandatory? It is absolutely important to have an evacuation plan in place to ensure safe and orderly evacuation of occupants in the building. In emergency situation where your instincts and logic don't work, evacuation plan and training will help you save your and others' life too.

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