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Step up and Be Heard by Our Friends at the NFPA

So often we hear folks say that they don’t get a chance to have input especially when it comes to our NFPA standards well the reason for that is we often don’t take advantage of our opportunities. The wisdom and the good judgment that’s out there in the fire service is hard to describe, those who have actually been in that inner chamber and have seen the power of fire are the ones who are best able to illuminate our standards through that self-kindled fire of knowledge inside of them. These two standards NFPA 1500 and NFPA 1582 are two of the most critical and important standards ever affecting our beloved industry.

Therefore those of you who have lived righteously within the fire service, those of you that are free from delusions and cowardice, those of you who understand that nothing made by man is perfect but are willing to share their wisdom need to respond to this request. Below are links re: NFPA 1500 and NFPA 1582 that highlight issues directly impacting firefighters.  Public Inputs on both standards can be submitted through July 6. Here are some social media links where the NFPA will be monitoring our comments our input, our thoughts and our concerns

NFPA 1500


Facebook post :

NFPA 1582


Twitter post :


Our good friend Susan Mckelvey provided these links for us, she’s the communications director for the NFPA and she would love it if the fire service gave her feedback and perspectives that can make a difference. She would love it if firefighters would continue to provide her with technical comments throughout the entire process. There are lots of folks out there who complain, will tell you exactly what’s wrong but voices of criticism and contempt add little to the conversation. As my Dad often said “any donkey can kick down the barn door but only a carpenter can build one.” Let’s all be carpenters and build standards that reflect the wisdom, the insight and the knowledge that is only attainable by those who spent that blood and sweat and tears, that is only possible by coming up through the ranks the hard way and learning the job at every step the way of those of you who read, Fire Engineering, Fire Rescue, and Fire Apparatus and Emergency Equipment you are the ones we need to help lead the fire service.

Our good friends at the NFPA would love you to provide comments via social media so don’t hesitate to use every voice you have let’s be heard, those of us who care those of us who build let’s be heard! 

Thank you the old one Bobby

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