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"VEIS is for second floor windows only"

Sometimes as an instructor you will struggle to find the right way to answer an attendee without embarrassing him or her. Recently, while lecturing at a seminar I was told the vent, enter, isolate, search tactic (VEIS) is for second floor windows only. I asked the attendee to explain why he felt that way. His reply was more mind boggling then his original statement. "We only train for VEIS for second floor windows"!

This was a valuable lesson for me as an instructor. If I engaged my mouth before my brain I may have said something completely inappropriate. I worked though the scenario with the class and escaped without embarrassing the individual or the department.

I began pondering his statement and as my departments training officer I realized that I too have not trained my members in VEIS for first floor windows. Isn't it the same as VEIS on the second floor?

VEIS for first floor windows are the same however there can be some additional challenges. Depending on the window height there may be some challenges that you don't have with second floor windows.

First floor windows may not be constructed with your standard glass. You may find hurricane or tornado resistant windows in areas not prone to either weather event. Some homeowners are using these windows as a security measure. You may also find security bars that you normally would not find on second floor windows. These security features must be defeated before you can enter. Additionally, depending on your height and the window height you may not be able to enter the window without some assistance.

The windows that require some assistance to enter should not require a lot of assistance. Your height, the window height and the grade of the property will dictate the amount of assistance you will need.

The number one rule, do not make it harder then it is. Use the tools you have in your hand. By using a halligan or other hand tools you can easily make a step to provide the assistance you need. 

Watch this short video for a demonstration -
VEIS is a high risk, high reward, low frequency (for many) tactic. You must be prepared to VEIS all floors not just the first and second floors. A victim can be in any room behind any window and we must be prepared.

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Comment by Anthony W Tracy on April 6, 2015 at 8:39am

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