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FDIC 2014 Presentation Proposal....


Well, I have just finalized and submitted my proposal for consideration. I have been nervous as I spent the last months or two thinking about, and fleshing out a rough idea I had, which started here as a blog post.


When Bobby Halton commented positively about it, I got excited, and the idea for a presentation was born.


I am no Brunacini, or Goldfeder, or even a recognized name in the fire service at all! I am just a guy who does the best he can with the meager talents that I have and try to pass them on to the new guys coming up! I try to make sure that they don’t have to learn things the hard way as much as possible. I try to impress upon them the importance of learning, and never to stop learning.


Now I am hoping to present at FDIC next year, with a target audience of other Instructors, Training Officers and Company Officers! I hope that I will be deemed worthy, and my idea for a presentation deemed worthwhile. I am not scared to speak in front of large groups; in fact I am looking forward to it! It is easy to look forward to speaking when you feel like you have something worthwhile to say.


There’s a nugget of knowledge for you right there. If you are nervous to speak in front of a group, just consider the importance of your message! Let that be your driving force as you step up to the podium! Use your own excitement and desire to pass on the message to get you past the butterflies in your stomach!


Well, there I go, running off at a tangent!


I will be (hopefully) speaking about the importance of integrating old and new information and tactics into our training regimen and how to identify what needs to be in the training regimen.


Maybe I will see you there, as long as my proposal gets approved!


See you in Indy next April!!

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Comment by Wayne Zeman on July 9, 2013 at 2:16pm
Thanks P.J.!
Comment by P.J. Norwood on July 9, 2013 at 1:48pm

Wayne, I wish you the best and I hope to see your class in the show guide come April. I know first hand the feeling of coming to terms and submitting to FDIC. Just to submit is an honor in its self! Good luck and keep us updated!



P.J. Norwood

Comment by Wayne Zeman on July 7, 2013 at 12:58pm
Thanks Billy!
Comment by Fire Chief Billy Greenwood on July 7, 2013 at 12:49pm

Wayne, Congrats on taking the steps and time to put together a proposal. The teaching community continues to prepare our brother and sister firefighters with new material that will enhance or enlighten all of us for the next battle when brothers likw yourself reach out and pay it forward.  Best of luck to you.  Billy Greenwood - Tap the Box

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