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Good Morning, Sorry I have been a little absent lately but FDIC was unbelievable and now I am back “On the Road” went to Rochester NY and visited with the brothers and sister there for Medal Day and a promotional ceremony. They were kind enough to take me to a 2 and half story working job as well. They have their hands full and are doing some solid work. I will be flying into Charleston today for the Memorial Safety and Survival Symposium I will get on line tomorrow night to fill you in. It should be interesting to see what has changed and who the good firefighters there are making out. Hey we have a lot of new folks joining everyday so please remind everyone first and last names are required. This is a dignified collection of serious and concerned firefighters who want to communicate with like minded peers. We have been very pleased that in here no one has to be wrong for anyone else to be right, everyone’s opinion is respected and valued. I think this tool will bring us closer to finding our voice, our true leadership.

We will lead ourselves to a better and more effective fire service worldwide by doing what you all have doing in here for the last month. Open and honest discussion on topics we care about and want to know all we can about. I hope you all can help us to keep this going it is your site please remind everyone to use their real names to share and with the intent of growing everyone’s understanding.

I will let you know what I find in Charleston, see you all on the road.

Your Brother Bobby

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Comment by Diane Feldman on May 1, 2008 at 3:07pm
I am glad I can go to the Community site to answer the question "Where in the world is Bobby Halton?"

Your Faithful Servant, Diane
Comment by Bobby Halton on April 27, 2008 at 10:12pm
Hi Darrell
I will see you on Wednesday in Lewisville! I am really looking forward the speaking at the First Annual Pipes and Drums Symposium in Lewisville! I hope I can see you I have to leave Thursday for Baggers. I am hosting Spring Baggers in Tulsa again.

I was very impressed here with the turnout for the first Charleston Safety and Survival Symposium. We had Mike Smith, John Norman, John Salka, Chief Sullivan, The guys from ISO Harvey Eisner and me. The presentations were well received and Charleston is a wonderful city. The credit goes to Butchie Cobb and Nicky G. and the Charleston FD for putting together a great show. I am excited about returning next year.

I will be taking a few hours off on Monday from 3 to 5 so I am taking plenty of times for myself! Hope you have some time for me on Wednesday!
Comment by Darrell Brown on April 27, 2008 at 8:23pm
Just a quick note to remind you to take care of Bobby!!
Darrell Brown

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