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We are now beginning to take enrollment for Daniel Sharon's Seminar on Bomb Threat Planning and Management (8 hour class). I wanted to give you advanced notice to notify your departments and people you believe would benefit from the class. The course description is as follows:

About the Class...
Bombings, attempted bombings and bomb threats can cause extreme disruption, fear, and even panic in organizations whose personnel are not trained to handle such situations. Inappropriate and costly management decisions are often made due to a lack of organizational planning and a methodology for handling bomb threats, suspicious packages, and actual devices.

This program is aimed at personnel in Government, Police Commanders and Private Industry who wish to improve their understanding of the growing bombing trend, and who are responsible for or have a vested interest in planning for protection against such events.

Information on bombing trends and targets will be discussed, along with specific concerns pertaining to bomb threats that should be part of vulnerability assessments, planning, and decision making.

Detailed information will be presented on developing a bomb threat plan, employee training and management decision making.

About Daniel Sharon...

S.W.O.Daniel (Danny) Sharon is a retired 56 year old Israeli Police Commander from Northern Israel. Danny has over 25 years of police and military training; Danny was a reservist for 11 years in the Israeli Army Alpine Anti-Terror Ski Patrol Unit on the Syrian-Lebanese Border at Mt Hermon.

He is an instructor/Lecturer in the following fields: Intelligence& Body-Language, Suicide Bomber Containment, Suicide Car and Truck Bombings, Bomb Planning & Crisis Management, Perimeter Security, Border Control, Israeli Airport Security Methodology, History and Motivation of Suicide Terror, Infiltrating into Islamic Terror Cells and Criminal Gangs, Comp stat, Identification of Middle Eastern Travelers, Campus and Shopping Mall Security, Media Preventive Security in Dangerous areas.

He excelled in the development of a Counter Suicide Bomber Plan, for armed and unarmed security personnel, after disarming and neutralizing a suicide bomber during the Intifada (Arab Uprising in 2000).

He was awarded a commendation by the Inspector General and the Israeli President.

Night of The Gliders Terror Attack in Nov 23rd 1987, whilst on patrol in Kiryat-Shemona, Northern Israel, stopped and neutralized a terrorist that landed in an army base that had killed 6 soldiers and wounded 24 others.

He was awarded a commendation for bravery above the call of duty.

During the years 1994, 1995, 1996, exposed with the security services a Syrian spy ring on the Golan Heights.

Thwarted an Anthrax attack through the mail from Syrian planted spies and agents in Druze villages in the Golan area.

Reduced crime by as the Northern Golan Heights Police Commander by 20% between 1998 and 2002, when he retired from the police.

The link to enroll and to participate in the class is:
The cost is $100.00/student and covers the costs of both days (the course is divided into two four hour sessions.) The entire class is delivered via the web, so people can access the class from home or work.

Students can enroll from the website if paying by credit card, or by emailing if enrolling using a purchase order. We anticipate the class will fill quickly as this is a very popular seminar, so register early if possible.

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