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I recently attended a class about building construction presented by Mike Lopina of Lockport Illinois and Tom Tulipaino of Lombard Illinois. An excellent class that I would highly recommend.

This class was full of very strong firefighters, both in skills and values. While on our breaks we all talked about the job and our departments like most firefighters do. After the class I realized something very disheartening. Everyone (including me) was talking about the negative issues within their organizations. I know most of my classmates outside of the classroom. They all have had interesting and unique calls and work for excellent departments, but no one talked about it. There was no talk about how this company made a great stop or how truly wonderful our job is.

I wonder if this a a natural cycle of the fire service or are the hard times changing how we feel about our job. Please do not mistake what I am saying. I know that the majority of firefighters live a breathe this profession. I just see these negative thoughts overshadowing the truly amazing opportunity we all have to be firefighters.

Going along with John Barrett's post; With all this negativity, will are perception change?

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Comment by Dan Rice on November 8, 2010 at 10:03am
I believe that society as a whole is focusing on the negative and we as a service are being overcome with the need to whine and cry about things we can not and sometimes will not try to change. This brotherhood we live in is still alive for some, and as long as the proud few continue to do our part to share with others about our blessing of a job then it will not die! Now do I know if this is a cycle or if its going to stay this way, no I do not. But I can say that we are the fighting few to maintain the great name of firefighter so we had better not lose hope. We all at time get discouraged but hold your head high in knowing that we are in the greatest profession ever and that will NEVER change!!
Comment by Jeff Schwering on November 6, 2010 at 9:04pm
I, like many understand where you are at Brother. As long as a minority or majority, depending on location in the country, takes pride in our Profession, the Brotherhood survives! It is up to us to make the change one Brother at a time! KTF-FTM
Stay Safe Bro!

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