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I read two line of duty death reports from the USFA yesterday…we all need to read them. It does not say how or why these good men died, but that is the point. Not knowing gives us an opportunity to look at ourselves and speculate what might have caused their deaths and focus us on what we should be doing to protect ourselves, those we care for, and those that we work with.

I copied the information and sent it to Doctor Jim Brown, who wrote Physiological Stress Associated with Structural Firefighting Observ... and (who also asked for a USFA grant to fund this study but was denied) Fire Ground Toxic Gas Environment Firefighter Exposure Risk. I guess it just wasn’t important enough to fund--go figure--but that is another issue. I sent the reports to Dr. Brown because in the reports it stated that both of these firefighters had been on scene and working fires on the day of their deaths.

These tragic and gut-wrenching reports should make everyone of us stand up and take notice. It should have eveyone of us looking closer at the current reseach and taking steps today to get the tools we need, such as hydroxycobalim. It should motivate us to get ouselves and our friends in better shape. Now, I do not know how or why God choose to take these two good men and it may have absolutley nothing to do with the highly poisionous and deadly work environment of the fireground, but if it did, are you aware of the dangers? If not, visit the Cyandie Treatment colition Web site.

I never met either one of these fallen firefighters, but I feel like I lost two brothers. They may have been an elite atheltes, but I am not, and that is a problem if I am working anywhere that could have two working fires in one shift. According to Dr. Brown. “The fire scene is alive with many potential complicating exposure factors (toxic gases, particulates etc.) and it is certainly possible that working on a fire scene may contribute to the progression of the disease state. However, the best defense against the progression of the disease is a health monitoring plan coupled with a sound physical training program, and adequate operating procedures to lessen exposures. The National Fire Protection Association has issued guidelines for such programs and, in the case of physical training program, suggests they be made mandatory (49). Although this guideline meets with resistance from every faction of the fire service, departments, unions, and firefighters alike, it is a simple fact that sound physical training programs are the only way line of duty deaths due to heart attacks are going to be reduced.”

To read all of Dr. Browns study, click here: Physiological Stress Associated with Structural Firefighting Observ...
Let me be clear: I do not know why these wonderful firefighters with everything to live for lost their lives; it could have been anything, I just wanted to share some solutions to some possible explanations, ones which we are aware of which many of us have been far too willing to ignore.

I pray that God watches over their wives and children and that He grants them eternal rest. My deepest sympathies to their family and friends and all whose lives were made better for having known them.

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Comment by John K. Murphy on October 27, 2010 at 10:22pm
Amen Bobby - We are the victims as well. God rest their souls and we pray for their families

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