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The Firefighters National Day of Prayer

Today is National Prayer Day it was established by our forefathers in 1775, on the eve of Revolution, the First Continental Congress called for "a day of publick humiliation, fasting, and prayer."
When our forefathers said public humiliation they did not mean humiliation as it would be interpreted today what they meant was being respectful and being grateful to a higher power for the blessings that been bestowed upon this nation and its people. A lot of people today claim not to believe in God, I don't think they've been in the same fires I've been in. Most firefighters understand how fragile our mortality is they also understand that ours is an industry devoted to a higher calling to a higher moral purpose.
It's also interesting to note that our government was not founded upon a secular intention that is the exclusion of religion but rather it was founded with the intention that our government would never deem one religion more important or more relevant than any other religion. Our nation was clearly founded on a belief in our creator and so this day of prayer was established so that we could reflect on our blessings, express our needs and place our faith and trust in our God.
Firefighters have a great deal to be grateful for, our wonderful communities, the tremendous brothers and sisters who serve with us in our organizations, and the incredible opportunity we've been given to serve others through our wonderful profession. For all these things we should be extremely humble and extremely grateful and I believe that we are. But if you will allow me to have one request of you.

On this national day of prayer aside being grateful we can and should sincerely and piously petition the Lord for that which we know only he can control that only he can influence. On this day of prayer please call to mind and remember all her brothers and sisters who are suffering or are ill as result of doing our wonderful work. Whether it be those stricken with cancer, lung disease, heart disease or a body made old beyond its years weakened through repeated injury and abuse in the service of others.

On this day of prayer I would ask that you think of our brothers and sisters who have joined the military along with our sons and daughters as they defend this nation's ideals and values in lands far away. I would ask that you pray for our political leaders that they recognize the value of the work that you do and the importance of supporting you at every opportunity.

And I would ask that you pray for yourself and others that we be less quick to anger and more quick understanding, that we seek to do more for others and less for ourselves, that we always have a kind word and a gentle hand rather than angry heart and a vicious tongue. I would ask you pray that the future generations will carry on with the same spirit and the same values that you have carried.

And so let us all proudly and unashamedly celebrate this day of prayer, as firefighters, as citizens and as patriots.

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Comment by John Alston on May 7, 2010 at 7:39pm
Comment by John K. Murphy on May 7, 2010 at 9:55am
Amen to those thoughts and words.
Comment by Brad Hoff on May 6, 2010 at 7:00pm
Dear Father, we humbly come before you today and every day through all the good and bad in prayer and in praise. God protect our brothers and sisters who serve in all capacities as we continue to make our country stand strong to remain "One Nation Under GOD! Let all who answer this special calling remember that we are all equal in your eyes. Above all, you love us more than we could ever know and we ask that you enable us to remember our heritage and to show honor and thanks to those who have gone before us in service and in selfless sacrifice. Father, those who have carried our torch have laid out the road and given us a light in the darkness that no one can extinguish. As your humble and mighty servants we continue to seek and follow the often uneasy path in order to serve others in your name.

We give Jesus the glory and praise for all that we receive, AMEN.

John 16:33 "In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have ovecome the world".

I am proud to be associated with each and everyone of you in Strength Honor and Courage!

In brotherhood,


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