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Wellness Treatments for 911 Responders

I want to share this alternative medical option for 911 responders who are suffering from poor health. There is ample evidence that the environment there was harmful to many. I believe in all types of medicine however, what works for one may or may not work for another but knowledge is power. This is process is all-natural and the good folks behind it are true patriots. Take a look if you are sick check them out if you know someone who qualifies share the information. What follow is from the Sept.11th Health and Fitness foundation. your brother Bobby

This is info about a non-profit that helps 9/11 victims with health problems.
This info is important to the 9/11 community yet so many do not know about it. I have posted it in many places online over the years , so much that the exec director and I became friends. He was the person I attended the 9/11 event this year with. Its imperative that this program and others are made available to the rescue workers so they can get well. Studies have been proven already that this program has helped many 9/11 victims. It is funded by a private non-profit.

Unfortunately in the USA there are not as many people funding programs like this because either they don't have the resources or our medical society does not support it because it is not traditional medicine. This is where we come in. We support this program and would like to discover other ways naturally to help the 9/11 victims get well and stay well. Going green on a medical level. There are two other programs in NY and PA that we know have proven results of helping 9/11 victims but they are not widely known. Through fundraisers and donations we hope to change that and offer more programs.

Thankfully the USA is combining natural health with traditional medicine in hospitals across the country and many patients are using these therapies to get back to being healthy 100%- holistically- body,mind and soul. The program is called CAM - complimentary and alternative medicine. Take a look.


This is vital info for the 9/11 community especially now.Today the Obama admin told NY reps that it does not support the health bill for 9/11 responders to be passed. They and so many in the 9/11 community are heartbroken and furious. I have to believe there is just a better plan they have because if not, this is horrible. I have been following this for some time now. I keep my opinion private (because I don't get involved in politics) but today it shattered many peoples hope of getting well and staying and angered many others.
The answer is take care of your own. If the gov refuses to help then others have to step up. Americans or foreigners but people need to start funding more programs here for 9/11 heroes.

Thank you for your support and friendship.

Sept 11th H & F

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