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Well it seems a lot has been happening in OUR country lately with American Flag displays in some apartment complex in Albany Oregon or a decal in a Pa FD not being allowed! In all my years in the Fire Service not much has been held more sacred than Patriotism and displaying the American flag and all that it stands for! We have all given our own personal sacrifices in one way or another and an insurmountable number have given their lives for OUR FLAG and COUNTRY to allow her to forever wave! What is next??? I really don't want to go there but I hope you take the time to write your congressman and tell them we have had enough! In the mean time please read The Secret List from the 18th of October. TSL column brings in new light and how the working conditions are leaning towards hostile. Please read what our beloved Chief Billy G has written. A few days ago I learned about the controversy over a flag decal on a department locker in PA see the series of articles at STATter 911. I was also saddened to learn of another Brother's passing in the Line Of Duty and learned of two firefighters burned in KC. Please take a few moments to reflect and remember our fallen Brothers and Sisters, RFB, Never Forget!

As my dear brother Ben Fleagle proufoundly spoke this phrase at our recent function, I too would like to echo them this and everyday: "BRÁITHEREACHAS THAR GACH NÍ" “Brotherhood Above All Else”


Your Brother

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Comment by Jeff Schwering on October 26, 2009 at 4:38pm
We should never be ashamed of displaying our flag! My last rotation at work, I was happy to see smaller size American flags hanging from rear of both of our companies. Nothing better than an engine rolling out the door with our flag, flying in the wind.
Comment by Brad Hoff on October 19, 2009 at 4:04pm
Flag is supposedly allowed to stay put on locker see the link Flag to stay put
Comment by Brad Hoff on October 19, 2009 at 3:56pm
So here is my reply after readuing what others had posted as I have added to your link.

Firefighters, the American GI, apple pie, OUR flag, baseball...what's more American? Are they going to ban apple pie, and baseball in the firehouse next? God knows that a lot of civic leaders are trying to take their budget shortfalls out on the firefighters by taking away from public safety over taking a pay cut themselves! The American flag is a way of life not a just a piece of fabric or a sticker on a locker or's about pride, tradition and honor! Something that has gotten lost in America these Billy G would say..."WTF"?
Comment by Brad Hoff on October 19, 2009 at 3:16pm
Thanks Chief and I will be sure to voice my opinion as I usually do. This is definitely a teetering on top of the fence seperating two bulls kind of topic!
Comment by Bobby Halton on October 19, 2009 at 3:10pm
Hey I posted this link on Facebook today and a friend who works at our United States Fire Administration, accused me supporting insubordination, for encouraging everyone to support this firefighters right to display our flag. I might be a little intense here as I have one son in the arena now a Navy aviator and 2nd son in the pipeline for the Army. I also unconditionally love this country! Check out the response we got and let me know what you think! here is the link to facebook

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