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FDNY Commissioner Comments on Ricci Decision

FDNY Commissioner Comments on Ricci Decision

In an opinion editorial posted in the New York daily news FDNY Commissioner Nicholas Nicholas Scoppetta discusses how the FDNY has been working successfully improve its diversity without imposing quotas How to get diversity -- without resorting to racial quotasRead more:

The Commissioner opened his piece this way The policies and practices used in the past to promote workplace diversity have long been in need of change. The Supreme Court affirmed that last week, when it found in favor of a group of white firefighters from New Haven, including Frank Ricci, who claimed reverse discrimination after that city tossed out results of a promotional exam because it did not advance any black firefighters.

A testing system that favors one group at the expense of another does not create a positive work environment for anyone. How is it fair to minority firefighters when they're brought in under a cloud of resentment? Those tasked with walking into burning buildings must have the mutual respect and trust of their fellow firefighters. Lives depend on it.

He raises some very interesting points going forward is going to be interesting to see how disparate impact is going to be managed in promotional exam

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Comment by Nick Morgan on July 18, 2009 at 3:28pm
You hit the nail on the head Jason. Great piece by FDNY commissioner Scoppetta. I wish brothers and sisters of all ethnic groups would grasp this basic truth. Fires burn and destroy based on laws of chemistry and physics; ethnicity and levels of melanin in the skin don't factor into the equation.
Comment by Jason Hoevelmann on July 17, 2009 at 9:59pm
Well said. I heard or read a comment from someone that the laws were established to prevent injustices based on race, gender or crede, not to necessarily meet quotas. These situations would be much different if minorities were not being promoted because of color or gender. That is not the case, they did not meet established minimum requirements via testing. I believe that hiring and promotions in emergency must be done by merit, execution, knowledge, education and not quotas or for fear of not promoting a minority. I personally would want to be promoted based on what I know and my performance, not because of my name, associations or color.

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