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Help support The Battalion-The Series!!!

Not sure if any of you have seen this series but it is fantastic and has been done over several years and several hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own money and his crew. These are webisodes about 15 minutes average and are well done and edited to a minimum for the real effect The Battalion-The Series So a brother from DC Fire is asking that we can help support his efforts. Read the message below:



The Battalion-The Series Newsletter.

Dear Battalion Viewer,

I received a call from Griffin at Engine 10 in Washington D.C. this week.
He requested I send this out and I said I would not. So he said, "Do it and
tell them it's from me," he is on the fourth Platoon if you want to contact

I did not want to come back and ask you for your help again, trust me...

Griff would like you to know that he and the members at his station are
making purchases to help support the series and he would like you to do so
if you can afford to help.

He went on and on as to what to say; but it's just that he knows me and
knows what I have put into this over the past seven years, I began filming
in San Francisco in December of 2003. He does not want the series to go

The D.C. Fire Department is now respected as they deserve and he wants
that same reverence and respect for all Departments and knows our series
can make the difference.

We have a few thousand members now. If you and only eighty-three other
members buy one thing this week, we can go to Milwaukee and film for twelve
days starting next Friday...

That's enough about that...and I won't ask again. When I started this I
wanted it to be free to all and I want to try to keep it that way if we

The good news is that we have been requested to film in 46 cities and
seven countries and that the Milwaukee Fire Department could be next, I
hear they are really busy...

We are half-way there due to the support of our new sponsor Paul Conway
Shields: so please check out his web site and his
quality product lines.

Next week; an all new webisode with Engine 26 from Washington D.C. to be
followed with a new webisode from Prince Georges County.

The Contest is coming back after FDIC with the support of Code 3 and
Dragon Fire Gloves...we are trying to get more stuff...stay tuned.

The Bottom line: If you can help with a purchase, we really appreciate it.
If you can't, please do not worry about it, no big deal, we just appreciate
you being there and we will continue to do our best in support of the
people that save lives.

Please be safe.

Please do not reply to this e-mail. If you have questions or comments contact us at

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