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Many farms contain HAZMAT chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, etc..
Below is a list of chemicals by trade name and common name with a health hazard and fire rating:

Trade Name Common Name Potential
2,4-D Amine 2,4-D H
2,4-D Amine 4 pound 2,4-D H
2,4-D Ester 2,4-D H
2,4-D LV Ester 2,4-D H
2,4-D LV Ester 6 2,4-D H

2,4-D LV-4 2,4-D H
2,4-D LV-6 2,4-D H
2,4-DB 2,4-DB H
2,4-DB 1.75 2,4-DB H
Aatrex 4L Atrazine H

Aatrex Nine-0 Atrazine H
Accent Nicosulfuron nd
Accord Glyphosate L
Agsco 400 2,4-D H
Agsco MXL Herbicide E MCPA I

Ally Metsulfuron H
Amber Triasulfuron nd
Amiben Chloramben H
Amine 4 2,4-D
Weed Killer 2,4-D H

Amitrol-T Amitrole H
Antor Diethatyl I
Arena Alachlor I
Ascend Bentazon H
Assert Imazamethabenz H

Assure II Quizalofop-P I
Atrazine Atrazine H
Atrazine 4L Atrazine H
Atrazine 4L Herbicide Atrazine H
Atrazine 90 Atrazine H

Atrazine 90 DF Atrazine H
Atrazine 90 WDG
Herbicide Atrazine H
Avenge Difenzoquat L
Balan Benefin L
Banvel Dicamba H

Banvel SGF Dicamba H
Barrage 2,4-D H
Basagran Bentazon H
Beacon Primisulfuron nd
Betamix Desmedipham + Phenmedipham I

Betanex Desmedipham I
Bicep Atrazine + Metolachlor H/I
Bladex Cyanazine I
Blazer Acifluorfen I
Bronate Bromoxynil + MCPA L/I

Bronco Alachlor + Glyphosate H/L
Brush Rhap Low
Volatile 4-D 2,4-D H
Buckle Triallate + Trifluralin I
Buctril Bromoxynil L
Bullet Alachlor + Atrazine I/H

Butyrac 175 2,4-DB H
Butyrac 200 2,4-DB H
Cannon Alachlor + Trifluralin I
Carbyne Barban nd
Cheyenne Fenoxaprop + MCPA +
Thifensulfuron +
Tribenuron L/I/H/nd

Chiptox MCPA Sodium MCPA nd
Class 40 A 2,4-D H
Class 80 A WSP 2,4-D H

Class Trust Trifluralin I
Classic Chlorimuron I
Cobra Lactofen L
Command Clomazone I
Commence Trifluralin + Clomazone I

Confidence Alachlor I
Cornbelt 2,4-D 2,4-D H
Cornbelt Atrazine 4L Atrazine H
Cornbelt Atrazine 90 DF Atrazine H
Cornbelt Hi-Pen 2,4-D H

Cornbelt LV-4 2,4-D H
Cornbelt LV-6 2,4-D H
Cornbelt Saddle Alachlor I
Cornbelt Trifluralin Trifluralin I
Crop Star GB Alachlor I

Crossbow Triclopyr + 2,4-D I/H
Curtail Clopyralid + 2,4-D nd/H
Curtail M Clopyralid + MCPA nd/I
Cycle Metolachlor + Cyanzine I
Cyclone Paraquat L

Dacamine 4D 2,4-D H
Dakota Fenoxaprop + MCPA H/I
Depend Bentazon H
Diquat Diquat L
Diuron Diuron I

Diuron 80 WDG Diuron I
DPD Ester Brush Killer 2,4-D H
Dual Metolachlor I
Envert 171 2,4-D H
Eptam EPTC I

Eradicane EPTC I
Eradicane Extra EPTC I
Evik Ametryn I
Express Tribenuron nd
Extrazine II Cyanazine + Atrazine I/H

Fallow Master Glyphosate + Dicamba I/H
Far-Go Triallate I
Farmland Liquid
Atrazine 4L Atrazine H
Formula 40 2,4-D H

Freedom Alachlor + Trifluralin I
Fusilade 2000 Fluazifop-P L
Fusion Fluazifop-P + Fenoxaprop L
Galaxy Acifluorfen + Bentazon I/H
Glean Chlorsulfuron H

Gramoxone Extra Paraquat L
Harmony Extra Thifensulfuron + Tribenuron H/nd
Herbicide 273 Endothall H
Hi-Dep 2,4-D H
Hoelon Diclofop L

Honcho Glyphosate L
Judge Alachlor I
Jury Glyphosate L
Karmex DF Diuron I
Kerb Pronamide I

Krenite Fosamine I
Laddok Bentazon + Atrazine H
Landmaster BW Glyphosate + 2,4-D L/H
Lariat Alachlor + Atrazine I/H
Lasso Alachlor I

Lasso II Alachlor I
Leader Bentazon H
Lexone Metribuzin H
Linex 4 L Linuron I
Linex 50 DF Linuron I

Lorox Linuron I
Low Vol 4 Ester
Weed Killer 2,4-D H
Low Vol Ester 4 2,4-D H
Low vol Ester 6 2,4-D H

Marksman Dicamba + Atrazine H
MCP 2 Sodium Herbicide MCPA nd
MCP Amine 4 MCPA H
MCPA 4 Ester Herbicide MCPA I
MCPA Amine Herbicide MCPA H

Micro Tech Alachlor I
Mirage Glyphosate L
Nortron Ethofumesate I
Option II Fenoxaprop L

Pacer Bentazon H
Pardner Alachlor I
Pinnacle Thifensulfuron H
Pledge Bentazon H
Poast Sethoxydim I

Princep Simazine I
Propanil 4E Propanil I
Propanil 60 DF Propanil I
Protocol Glyphosate L
Prowl Pendimethalin I

Pursuit Imazethapyr H
Pyrazon Pyramin I
Ramrod Propachlor H
Ranger Glyphosate L
Rascal Glyphosate L

Rattler Glyphosate L
Rescue Naptalam + 2,4-D H
Rhomene MCPA H
Rhonox MCPA I
Rodeo Glyphosate L

Ro-Neet Cycloate I
Roundup/RT Glyphosate L
Ruler Glyphosate L
Salute Trifluralin + Metribuzin I/H

Salvo Low Volatile
Weed Killer 2,4-D H
Savage 2,4-D H
Scope Bentazon H
SEE 2,4-D LV4 2,4-D H

Select Clethodim nd
Sencor Metribuzin H
Silhouette Glyphosate L
Simazine 4L Simazine I
Simazine 80 W Simazine I

Simazine 90 DF Simazine I
Simazine 90 WDG Simazine I
Solution 2,4-D H
Sonalan Enthalfluralin I
Sostrum Atrazine Atrazine H

Stall Alachlor I
Stall MT Alachlor I
Stampede CM Propanil + MCPA I
Starfire Paraquat L
Stinger Clopyralid H

Sulv 2,4-D H
Sutan + Butylate I
Sutazine + Butylate + Atrazine I/H
Tiller Fenoxaprop + 2,4-D + MCPA L/H/I
Tordon Picloram H

Treflan 5 Trifluralin I
Treflan 80 DC Trifluralin I
Treflan EC Trifluralin I
Treflan M.T.F. Trifluralin I
Treflan TR-10 Trifluralin I

Tri-4 Trifluralin I
Trific 60 DF Trifluralin I
Trifluralin 10G Trifluralin I
Trifluralin 4 AT Trifluralin I
Trifluralin 4 EC Trifluralin I

Trilin 10 G Trifluralin I
Trilin 4 AT Trifluralin I
Turbo Metribuzin + Metolachlor H/I
Weed Pro 3# Amine 2,4-D H
Weed Pro 4# Low Vol 2,4-D H

Weed Pro 6# Low Vol 2,4-D H
Weed Pro Atrazine Atrazine H
Weed Rhap A-4D 2,4-D H
Weed Rhap LV-6D 2,4-D H
Weedar 64 2,4-D H

Weedar Sodium MCPA MCPA nd
Weedestroy MCPA I
Weedone 170 2,4-D H
Weedone LV 4 2,4-D H
Weedone LV 6 2,4-D H
* L=low, H=high, I=intermediate, nd=no data
/=separation of different potentials for products
containing multiple pesticides

Trade Name Common Name Potential
Ambush Permethrin L
Asana XL Esfenvalerate I
Counter Terbufos I
Cygon Dimethoate H
Diazinon Diazinon I

Dipel Bacillus thuringiensis nd
Di-Syston Disulfoton I
Dyfonate Fonofos I
Force Tefluthrin nd
Furadan Carbofuran H

Guthion Azinphos-methyl I
Lannate Methomyl H
Lorsban Chlorpyrifos I
Malathion Malathion L
Methyl parathion Methyl parathion L

Mocap Ethoprop H
Monitor Methamidophos H
NOLO (TM) Bait Nosema locustae fungus nd
Orthene Acephate H
Parathion Ethyl parathion L

Penncap M Encapsulated methyl parathion L
Phosphamidon Phosphamidon H
Pounce Permethrin L
Pydrin Fenvalerate I
Reldan Chlopyrifos-methyl I

Scout X-TRA Tralomethrin L
Sevin Carbaryl I
Supracide Methidathion I
Temik Aldicarb H
Thimet Phorate I
Thiodan Endosulfan L
Vydate Oxamyl H
* L=low, H=high, I=intermediate, nd=no data
/=separation of different potentials for products
containing multiple pesticides

Trade Name Common Name Potential
Basicop Copper nd
Bayleton Triademefon I
Benlate Benlate nd
Blite Out Plus Maneb + Triphenyltin hydroxide I/L
Bravo Chlorothalonil I

Champ Copper nd
Champion Copper nd
Dithane Mancozeb I
Du-Ter Triphenyltin hydroxide L
Kocide Copper nd

Kocide 404S Copper + Sulfur hydroxide nd
Maneb Plus Zinc F4 Maneb + Zinc I/nd
Manex II Mancozeb I
Manzate Mancozeb I
Mertect Thiabendazole I

Microthiol Sulfur nd
Penncozeb Mancozeb I
Pro-Tex Maneb + Triphenyltin hydroxide I/L
Ridomil Metalaxyl H
Ridomil MZ58 Metalaxyl + Mancozeb H/L

Ridomil/Bravo Metalaxyl + Chlorothalonil H/I
Rovral Iprodione I
Sulfur DF Sulfur nd
Super Six Sulfur nd
Super Tin Triphenyltin hydroxide L

That Flowable Sulfur nd
Thiolux Sulfur nd
Tilt Propiconazole I
Top Cop Tribasi Copper nd
Top Cop W Sulfer + Copper nd
Topsin Thiophanate methyl I
Uniflow Sulfer nd
* L=low, I=intermediate, H=high, nd=no data
/=separation of different potentials for products
containing multiple pesticides

Trade Name Common Name Potential
Agri Strep Streptomycin nd
Agrosol Captan + Thiabendazole I
Agrosol Pour-On Thiram + Thiabendazole I
Agrosol T Thiram + Thiabendazole I
Agrox 2-Way Captan + Diazinon I

Apron Metalaxyl H
Apron-Terraclor Metalaxyl + PCNB H/L
AS-50 Streptomycin nd
Baytan Triadimenol nd
Bean Guard Captan + Carboxin I
Benlate Benomyl I

Captan Captan I
Chloroneb Chloroneb I
DB Green Maneb + Lindane I
DB Green + Vitavax Carboxin + Maneb + Lindane I
Diazinon Diazinon I

Dithane Mancozeb I
Double R Imazalil nd
Dustret A Maneb + Streptomycin I/nd
Dustret T Thiophanate methyl I
Enhance Plus Carboxin + Maneb + Lindane I

Fir Bark Zineb nd
Flo-Pro IMZ Imazalil nd
Formaldehyde Flormaldehyde nd
Gammasan Captan + Lindane I
Germate Plus Carboxin + Diazinon + Lindane I

Grain Guard Mancozeb I
Granol NM Maneb + Lindane I
Granox Plus Maneb + Thiabendazole I
Gustafson 42S Thiram I
Isotox Seed Treater F Captan + Lindane I

Lindane Lindane I
Lorsban 30 Chlorpyrifos I
Lorsban 50-SL Chlorpyrifos I
Mancozeb Mancozeb I
Maneb Maneb I

Maneb + Lindane Maneb + Lindane I
Maneb-Lindane Maneb + Lindane I
Manex II Mancozeb I
Nu-Gro Captan Captan I
Nu-Gro Captan Carboxin Captan + Carboxin I

Nu-Gro Soybean Seed
Protect Captan I
Nuzone Imazalil nd
Omega Prochloraz I
Polyram Metiram L

PST Plus Bark Mancozeb I
Rival Captan + PCNB + Thiabendazole I/L/I
RTU-Vitavax-Thiram Carboxin + Thiram I
Seed Mate Captan

Vitavax Captan + Carboxin I
Seed Mate Maneb Lindane Maneb + Lindane I
Sim-Tec Plus Thiabendazole I
Spud Bark Mancozeb I
Terra Coat PCNB I
Tops 2.5D Thiophanate methyl I

Triple Noctin Thiram I
Vitavax Carboxin I
Vitavax 200 Carboxin + Thiram I
Vitavax Pour-On Carboxin + Thiram I
VTL Carboxin + Thiram + Lindane I
Yield Shield Thiram I
* L=low, I=intermediate, H=high, nd=no data
/=separation of different potentials for products
containing multiple pesticides

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