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FDNY rescues 154 from air crash in the Hudson

A US Airways airliner reported to be an Airbus 380 today carrying the hundred and 148 passengers and six crew hit a flock of birds and apparently lost both engines according to early reports. The pilots were able to land the plane in the Hudson River. Eyewitness reports from New Yorkers sitting in office buildings along the Hudson described the plane slowly descending into the Hudson River. Nearby ferrys and other watercraft quickly came to the planes assistance with life jackets and help. The FDNY immediately dispatched its marine fleet and currently is supporting the aircraft in the river. The FDNY and other New York City emergency services watercraft assisted the victims onto the waiting ferrys and other watercraft. At this report approximately 60 individuals have been transported to area hospitals for treatment primarily of hypothermia. To see a video of the rescue follow this link

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Comment by Jenn Ross..aka "J-RO" on January 16, 2009 at 8:31pm
Bobby, Yesterday wow. As a flight attendant, we train hard. As a firefighter, we train hard. After 911, my love and passion for both my professions were questioned. I'm so proud to say today, NO ONE CAN say much of what went wrong.......Cause "IT ALL WENT RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS THEM", a horrible accident "CAN" have heart warming and happy out comes.
You know NY is one of my routes when I fly, after 25+yrs of flying, I've thought many times sitting in my jumpseat what I would do if it ever happened to me. I've had my share of close calls. But seeing my Brothers and Sisters of FDNY, and all the other city emergency services, my love and passion for both professions is now stronger then ever..
I was told by a Great Chief of Dept that there is only 2 career fields that are so alike but so distant.. You lose sleep, you don't eat right, you don't sleep in your bed every night, you miss major holidays and events with family, you have 2 families. The one you choose the one you don't. The public loves you when your good, but will watch every mistake. When you go to work its never the same. You train continuously to make sure others are safe, unselfishly, but the public doesn't see that always, You always rely on "your work" family so "everyone" makes it home..... FLIGHT CREWS AND FIREFIGHTERS so different but so alike in passion for the job and others. But then its not a job, its a lifestyle.
As a flight attendant THANK YOU, as a SISTER-firefighter, I'm PROUD of YOU, FDNY, and all the others EMS of NYC.
I received a call from a US AIRWAY pilot that lives here in TULSA. He knew I have family and Friends on the FDNY. When I answered all he could say was, "They are all Heroes", and for 15 mins, he cried (He had been sitting in the LGA waiting for a flight, yesterday). I told him, "yeah, for 43yrs of my life, they have been my "HEROES", lol. He laughed said goodbye, and hung up.
I've already spoken with a few of the guys I knew work down on the Marine boats but for those on this site that were there, Please pass it on.


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