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Trust and Respect is All We Need

Being trusted that you can do your job when it counts is more important than being liked.

As firefighters, the responsibility before us is great, as we are given automatic trust the day we take the oath. It’s a trust that has been built by all those who have come before us. They earned it by showing up and doing their job without hesitation or second guessing. They put the work in daily so that they could perform when needed.…


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I suppose this post could be considered a part-2 to my cartoon published last week regarding apathetic leaders pushing loyal people out the door. This week I want to discuss firefighters who are in a leadership role who constantly belittle, berate, and abuse newer firefighters -…


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Sizing Up from the Tip

     Many excellent articles are written and classes presented that include valuable size up information from the perspective of the chief or company officer.  However, while much of this material is directly transferable to the firefighter, few would argue that the firefighter maintains a different physical and mental perspective during incident response and operations.  The size up process holds just as much significance for members literally "on the line" as it does for supervisors and…


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LODD's On or Near Father's Day: Never Forget


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Fentanyl – Clear and Present Danger to First Responders

An extremely dangerous drug is on the street is affecting first responders including EMS, police and firefighters making a dangerous job all that more dangerous. This is not related to the prescription strength medication if taken in the wrong dose or administered erroneously creates its own danger.

A recent event in New Jersey involved a police detective searching a home and found a bag of white powder. The officer removed a scoop of powder for testing. When he was…


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June Fire Engineering magazine editorial illustration.

STAY FIRED UP, and train!


Click here to see more of my work or order prints, go to:…

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Hows Your Approach? | Brian Benedict

by Brian Benedict

Karla has a way about her that instantly connects with people.  Her knowledge of the fire service, a previous career with State Farm Insurance and add her son a Lincoln Firefighter, She has many commonalities to connecting with…


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Teamwork to Success: Colorado Springs Fire Department

Colorado Springs Fire Dept with Brian Benedict

Within a few minutes of meeting these firefighters from Colorado Springs their hospitality made us feel comfortable and at ease.  Colorado Springs is a beautiful location and we met many amazing veterans and new recruits during our time there.  Each professional and many from cities around the country to be part of this wonderful organization.  As I left I couldn’t help thinking about the word…


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Journal Entry 47: Command Process Interferences

When considering the command process, there are numerous interferences that do not allow the Incident Commander to fully execute his or her battle plan. Let’s look at the ordinary every day citizen. When bad things happen, “people” usually band together and want to help. (The first major human behavior study for a large fire was performed by John L. Bryan after the MGM Grand hotel fire in Las Vegas in 1980) His theories have proven themselves time and time again, e.g. the WTC bombing in…


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Accepting Failure

            As a firefighter, most of us focus on pushing our operating limits. Some of these times, we find ourselves in uncharted territory. This uncharted territory creates situations where we have a decision to make – take the risk or not. The safest and least critical decision is to do nothing. It is a promise that you will never be criticized if you meet status quo. However, meeting status quo is not how a leader thinks.…


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Let Nothing Stop "U"

Moving past fear

When I woke up this morning I found my kids as young adults.  Kenny Chesney was right, “Don’t Blink”.   What’s the future look like for them?  The opportunities and possibilities.  Its all out there in the unknown. Will they attack life  with passion and perseverance?   Will they be afraid to try or will they embrace it as the best way to learn.  Moving forward means making decisions.  Many…

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Human Resources - Not necessarily your friend.

Many fire organizations have Human Resources (HR) departments that deal with many of the issues related to the needs of firefighters and staff. HR deals with recruiting and hiring new firefighters, providing information about medical benefits and compensation, ensuring compliance with laws and ordinances, providing a pathway to local EAP Programs and responsible for employee development and firefighter training supporting your training division. HR is…


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Overcome Career Stress with Goals & Vision

With a limited amount of officers, Connersville Police is facing similar scenarios as many others throughout the united states.  A lack of morals, conscience and respect is making it more and more difficult and dangerous for these guys to keep us safe.  But like many officers around the country Dax has a vision.

Pictured above: Brian Benedict with Connersville In Police Department Officer Dax Gunder.

If it was’t…


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Forcing Drop Bars

You are the officer on the 2nd due ladder truck on a commercial structure fire, and your assignment is to report to the rear and give a report. You cannot get your ladder truck physically to the rear, but you must get to the rear and give a report to command. What tools will you take and what jobs are you going to do? A good truck crew will deploy ladders to the roof, coordinate ventilation with the inside crews, and force doors.

When focusing on…


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The Sunday Preach: "Shape up"

The Sunday Preach: Evening Edition

"Shape up!"

"The onus for fitness is not nor should it be placed on the fire department. It falls directly on you. While it is beneficial for both the department and the firefighter to keep yourself in shape, it has to start with the individual. Department sponsored and encouraged fitness programs are great to help those persons who need that little extra boost or…


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The Enemies of Trust

The Enemies of Trust


Trust is a value that occurs in both ourselves, our teams, and our organizations. Creating and maintaining trust is paramount for leaders, yet unfortunately many do not see the need for giving attention to it. Leaders can make the mistake of assuming that their rank and the ability to say because I said so binds people to their decision. But how does one define trust and what does it look…


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Lassiez Faire vs Lazy

As we grow as leaders we should realize that there are different types of leadership.   Among these is lassiez faire.   It may very well be the most difficult to master.   Aside from authoritative leadership or democratic leadership, it is more hands off.   When you have an efficient crew who performs well on most occasions, this can be the ideal form of leadership because it allows others to develop their leadership presence.  However, the fine line is drawn between lassiez faire and…


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Training - "The Collapse Pile"

Training – “The Collapse Pile”

Within the fire service, it is essential for every member to be “jacks of all trades and masters of all”. Fire suppression, technical rescue, EMS, Hazmat, etc; the list of our roles and responsibilities continues to grow each year. It is mandatory we stay in a constant state of readiness. At the start of our tour, we must ensure we are prepared to perform any task that may present itself. With that said, the various tasks we perform have different…


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Some firehouse traditions should not be messed with, right? But this whimsical take on our traditional carnivores-only-kitchen-club poses an interesting question about what tradition really means in the fire service, and when it's appropriate and advantageous to change it. Change never comes easy, even…


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