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Why do we eat our own
I was reading a blog by one of my mentors Chief John Salka in regards to a video he watched on the Internet. In the blog he brought up some of the issues he saw as they relate to basic firemenship. This presents itself as a problem to others. They feel it's play Monday morning quarterback.
But is it really as condescending as we make it out to be.
why is it that if anyone looks at the wrong in a LODD report or a video on the Internet they automatically get called safety police or that they are a Monday morning QB? I hear let's never forget them, the fallen, yet we try to avoid the discussion about what one see in a video or picture.
But what should we be doing then?
To me never forgetting means just that and it doesn't exclude what went wrong or what they made a mistake doing. If you take a tanker accident where the driver over corrected shouldn't we learn from this? The problem is some want to rip the driver or the department. "To young of a driver" or you don't personally know him in many cases you can't base a mistake given an age many adults wreck in tankers just as young adults do.
another thing I hear about is metro DC departments using smaller hand lines. Often people will see them going into buildings and folks jump on risk a little to save a little and how they are not doing things right. The problem I see with this is you don't know what why they do what they do. Many departments will never see the fire load in their life thar DC or metro DC will see in a year they have got their stuff together. Rather look at the pull look at the ladders look at the vent jobs pick out what went right and try and compare that to your skills could your department vent that well, or make the stretch that fast? And if not why??
I often say learning from mistakes is how we prevent them from happening again no kidding right we know this but what we often overlook is there is a time and place. Some tend to make statements like it's abandoned so why are you going in to departments like Detroit, FDNY, or Chicago fd, but the ones making the statements tend to not have experience with squatters. Or there was no safety officer, IC left his or her car, IC stayed at their car. Get beyond that let's look at things like how did the stretch go, how did they do forcing the door, how did they stretch short etc. Use these things (pictures and videos) as game film, football teams do it so why don't we?

Another thing I often tell people is look at a picture or video and compare how your company would do things. What line would you pull, how would you approach this if it where your department.
are we doing this because we have been drilled with command and safety officer paperwork that we forget about what our task is and if we prefer not to discuss it like some is that because we are trying to stand up for our brothers and sisters?
I agree with the old teaching of don't worry about others until you yourself are perfect, but in the case of fighting fires that is often a great way to learn. We are not going to fires like days of old and any exposure is a training opportunity. But there is a way to do this.

I leave you with this.
let's not be so judgemental buts let's not get complacent. Winston Churchill once said "when the situation was manageable it was neglected, and now that it is thoroughly out of hand we apply to late the remedies which them might have effected a cure".

That quote came from this website take a look if you want.

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