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Just a debate going on in my head for a while now. As a company officer do you carry a small tool just for the forcible egress or do you carry other tools to actually do work. What do you carry in as a company officer.

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In my department I am a working member of my company. Usually my crew consists of a firefighter, engineer, and myself. I normally bring in the tic, 8' pike, and anything special that my crew members where not able to carry.
Hey Brian,

As a working crew member I carry the TIC and whatever tools required based on crew size. It can be anything from Irons, 6' pike, water can etc. Whatever it takes to get the job done as well as directing the crew. As Dave stated my crew can be 2 to 5 members depending on time of day.

STAY SAFE !! Dennis
As a new company officer, when I’m in the officers seat I always grab the TIC and put it over the shoulder so that my hands are free to carry what is needed. The standard tools that are carried at a call are Irons and a Water Extinguisher ( I would carry either). Although, if there are enough members, we also carry 6 foot pike pole, Pick Head Axe, and Closet Hook.
DON’T be the next one, BE safe!
I prefer carrying a halligan bar and TIC.
What company are you in? How many members? Our units are staffed with a total of 3 or occassionally 4. As stated in the other replies this makes the officer a working member. The engine officer , in addition to his large personal light on a sling strap will usually carry a small officer tool for light duty prying, etc. Unfortunately he must also hump hose. For high rise streches he also needs to haul bundled hose or the high rise bag. I usually chose the bag ( I could sling it and keep a hand free to chock doors, use access keys etc.) In the ladder or squad company the officer slings the TIC, and carries a halligan and hook held together through the D handle on the hook in addition he has is personal light on a sling strap. This compliment of tools are the basics we use at ever job. Occasionally circumstances require we adapt with something else. The key here is that many of us work in understaffed units that don't let us supervise the company properly. I don't think that will ever change.
SInce we dont have a Truck, and 95% of our structrual work is residential, I carry a TIC and a Halligan bar. We run a 3 person Engine Co. so the Oerator pulls the line while the tailboard FF takes an Iron set to the door. Once, I have done a quick walk around, we pop the door and make entry. I carry a Halligan, for any lightweight forcible entry problems we may encounter inside. The second due companies follow up with pulling tools and other items as needed.

One thing that I try to do on all smells and bells, or reported fires with nothing showing is assign my FF to the "Can" position. The FF will bring the Can and a 6' hook and I will carry a TIC and Iron Set while we go investigate. I have seen a Can out out a lot of fire and keep something in check while a line is being stretched.
I carry a TIC and Haligan.
In my very brief time as an company officer, I have chosen the "Short Hook." More specifically, the "Griff Hook" with a D-handle. I wish I could tell you that I found this on my own, but in all honesty, this decision came from my mentors, Thanks Doug, and it has proven to be the best thus far. I also am required to carry the TIC. I'm trying not to get too dependent on it however.
I am a working member of my Truck company and I carry either a haligan or a 6 ft roof hook depending on operations. I am trying to get more in the habit of grabbing the TIC as well. I know I need to and I am really trying to remember to do so.
We are a 4 man minimum Truck and the Battalion has the option of splitting us into "high" and "low" side. The firefighter sitting behind me and myself make up the "high" side so I carry a pick head axe. Even if the entire crew is kept together I grab a pick head. I've found that it is a great all around tool (cutting and prying) and not hard to carry. I wear a truck belt so it goes in there and it allows me to have both hands free.

Be Safe.
We run a 4 man engine. 1-Engineer, 1-Officer, 2-FF's. When we are first on scene for the inital attack I carry: Flashlight (Vulcan over the shoulder), Tic (Over the other shoulder on a seat belt strap), O-Bar or Halligan (depends on shift personel), 8lb Maul, and a radio (under the coat) w/ mic to tab on coat.

Have you tried to cut a roof with a flathead axe yet? I bet once you do, you'll never carry that pickhead axe again...


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