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At 6:57pm on July 19, 2008, Ellen Brown said… had a great time in Seattle, didn't you?
At 12:51pm on July 17, 2008, Josh Materi said…
Thanks. Good seeing you Brother. Let me know if you or your Mom and Dad need anything. I can run up to their place faster than you can.

At 8:19pm on July 16, 2008, Andy "Sippy" Biron said…
The pleasure was all mine! The Brotherhood is alive and well. Keep in touch with anything you need from FOOLS International or anything that you need.

Your Lid......
Your Badge....
Your Life.........
At 11:57pm on July 15, 2008, Todd McKee said…
I would love to have you a part of the group called HazMat News & Training. Take a look and feel free to join. Todd McKee
At 11:49pm on July 15, 2008, Eric Hankins said…

It was great to see you in Seattle as well. I wish we would have had more time to talk too!

It was a pretty busy week for me with the new position.

I look forward to talking and working with you in the future. You guys do a great job up there and it shows.

Keep fighting the good fight!

Be Safe and Have Fun!!!

At 1:43pm on July 14, 2008, Rob Fisher said…

Thank you so much! And, you're right...I didn't have a clue it was coming. Why would I?

I am proud, and humbled at the same time, to have been given this award. I don't feel that I am worthy of it, though. However, I will do my best to show everyone, and especially those who submitted my name, how serious I am about training and training others. I hope to meet the expectations of this award and too honor Dana Hannon. See one...teach one!

Thanks again for a great week. Tell the other brothers from Alaska that we enjoyed their company as well.

Bobby and Alaska
At 12:02am on July 14, 2008, Chris Wood said…
Thanks for the heads up on the page! Like I said, it was great seeing you and the boys. When I get trough this year I will get back in the mix with the FOOLS. Im looking forward to getting in with a new group of brothers, but I will never forget where I started though. I will see ya soon. Keep doing what you have always done. You have a knack for seeing something in young brothers, and getting them going in the right direction. It’s a big part of why I am not just in the fire service, but a believer in and a servant to the fire service.
At 1:41pm on July 3, 2008, Brandon Roark said…
hey capn',
sorry for the drunk dialing during Lancione's wedding, we were hoping to get some probie to answer the phone, but it is obivious that you are still faster than the youngest new punk kids in the firehouse. I hope, at the very least, some pushups were in order:) I have to admit though your voice is more sobering than 30 cups of java.

I had a good time though. Got to meet one of your former men, Josh. Good kid. Speaks highly of you.

So we had a good time, its amazing to see Lancione so....fatherly. something that is still hard to imagine.

Swan took over 1200 photos and she will post them when she gets them all sorted and photoshopped... I will pass the link on to you when they are up.

we have got to get together SOON!!
At 12:11am on July 3, 2008, Chad Berg said…
Fair enough!

No, the carts are two wheel drive, you will have to adjust without having a "MOOSE RACK" mounted on the front hood!
The weather has been 80-90 for the last 4-5 days. We placed the weather order back in November!
At 9:45pm on July 2, 2008, Ben Marler said…
Hey, Ben. I just read about your department using college students. I went to Auburn University and went through a similar program. About 85% of the dept. is in school at AU. It does present problems, turnover especially. I know what your talking about. Take care. TN Ben
At 9:09pm on June 29, 2008, Ben Marler said…
Hey Ben. Good to meet you. Thanks for your reply. Sorry to say I can't make it to the convention this year. Sounds like a good one (watch out for team pissbrick). Yall have fun and drink one for me. I just noticed you're from Alaska. Man, I bet that creates some unique problems for fighting fire. Take care and stay low. Ben. FTM-PTB
At 6:20am on June 25, 2008, Ellen Brown said…
Hi Ben,

Unfortunately, D*** and I won't be able to make it to Seattle for the Convention. We were going to drive out (I hate airplanes), and with fuel prices the way they are it's just going to make it way too expensive. I truly wanted to finally meet you too; we're real disappointed that we won't be there.
At 11:37pm on June 23, 2008, Rob Fisher said…
Hey brother...are you excited for the convention? It's only a few weeks away.

See ya soon!
At 11:03am on June 6, 2008, Greg Wild said…
Do you have a email address I can get from you?
At 12:14pm on June 5, 2008, Chad Berg said…
Ladder co. 72 made a "grab" the other day just after midnight on Saturday night. We had a reported person trapped. We arrived first, forced the front door to have fire in the stairwell going up and the stairwell going down. It was consumed in fire, as we ran up the stairs. Visibility was about 12" and we started an "oriented search". I found him within 2 minutes..combative for a few seconds then uncounscious. I met up with my irons truckman and he grabbed the legs with me on the torso. I radiod command (who just arrived) that L72 had a victim and we were coming out the front door. We had to go back through the stairwell with fire and then got him out to the lawn. He regained consc. within a bit, and was swearing, smoking cigarrettes and scratching his #^*$ within a 1/2 hour.
Everyone on the scene felt pretty damn good about how it all went down. I was acting Lt. that night (Fisher was in Hawaii), Ekse was the D/O, and my Truckman has only been off probation for 5 months.

At 6:45pm on May 8, 2008, Chad Berg said…
Excellent! Thanks Brother, and of course you are welcome. Thank You!
At 12:08am on May 6, 2008, Chad Berg said…
Sounds good brother. Tell Tideman, way to be the cool cucumber!
I wish I was there.
At 7:12pm on May 4, 2008, Chad Berg said…
Captain Fleagle,

I love that!

When can I get copies of the pics that Dane took?
This Communities gig is pretty cool, and is kind of addictive.
At 11:25am on May 4, 2008, Jeremy Stocker said…
As fo rthe web site for getchell, I used to do the web site, but we now have a new guy doing it. But I did the PSFOOLS Site
At 9:58am on May 4, 2008, Jeremy Stocker said…
I do our website, for the puget sound fools.

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