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Today we will discuss the Denver Fold and the New York Fold.


These two are my favorite folds.  They meet all of the criteria laid out in last weeks article.  They are broken down into 50’ sections, they fold easy, and they flake easy.  The deployment of both is practically the same.  If you want to see how to deploy them, and I recommend that, go to YouTube and search for the Denver Fold.  There are plenty of videos from different departments including Chief McGrail of Denver that show the wet and dry stretch and how to accomplish each.


Both of these folds have pro’s and con’s.  It’s up to you and your agency to decide what works best for you.  What may work for one department, may not work for the other. 


Pro's of the Denver Fold include that it can easily be carried over your SCBA cylinder leaving your hands free to carry tools and equipment.  This set up is excellent for departments that do not have dedicated truck company operations or do not have enough truck companies to do all the truck work.  If you work somewhere that as an engine company you may be responsible for doing all your own forcible entry work, then the Denver Fold would be an excellent one to consider. The picture below shows my past company, Engine 6 of Birmingham Fire at a high—rise fire this past spring.  Our department uses the quint concept. As an engine or quint, you may be assigned engine or truck work.  We carried our hose and standpipe bag as well as hooks and irons into the building that day.  Our assignment out of lobby control was primary search on the floor above.  We climbed the stairs, dropped our hose with fire attack and forced the door out of the stairwell for our search.  Even if you have dedicated truck companies, the Denver Fold is an excellent option as it allows you to carry other things that will be needed like spare SCBA cylinders.


The only con for me with the Denver Fold is that it is a little more complex to fold when creating it, some people seem to have a problem remembering how to fold it, but this is a training issue.  With a little practice, it is easily remembered.


The New York or FDNY fold is very easy to fold.  It keeps the hose in 50’ sections.  For me the con for the New York Fold is that it must be carried on your shoulder and balanced with a hand.  If you work for a department where as an Engine company, you are strictly tasked with Engine work then this fold would be a great option.  Another problem that I have noticed with this fold is that it does not work well with 1.75" hose.


Both folds deploy easily and much in the same way.  Below are some pictures of the folds being built.



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