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That is in the metaphorical sense. A hand was extended and I "grabbed" it. Thank you so much, Bobby Halton.
I have not been active on the fire ground for 8 years, but I remain active in our fire department as president of its board of trustees.
Before some of you get the wrong idea, I want you to know that NOTHING comes before the safety and well-being of our firefighters.
I am true blue collar firefighter who has enjoyed the highs and suffered the lows of this great profession.
My background is in the volunteer service, but I have had the distinct honor of working with and learning from some of the best fire service instructors from all over this great nation; Rick Lasky, John Mittendorf, Eddie Enright, Bob Hoff to name a few and I have also been to many conferences of some of the best and brightest in the business.
I don't share that with you to gain immediate/instant credibility. I let me blogging do that.
What I invite you all to do is to "google" ChiefReason and see what you get.
I blog for on four other sites, but my goal is to make my home and cut back a little at the others.
I enjoy discussion. I have been doing so since the early days of the dot coms. I believe in nothing but respectful debate and will not engage in type of childish name-calling or personal attacks.
I have been called the Voice of Reason, which is also the name of my podcast show on Blog Talk Radio.
I also have plans to submit commentaries here for my dear friend and editor-in-chief.
I can't thank Bobby and Peter enough for helping to launch what I hope will be stimulating and thought provoking pieces about the issues of the day.
To those of you who have followed my musing for the past 9 years, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me.
To those of you who are about to meet me; let me say that it is my honor and privilege to walk among you, share my thoughts and advocate on your behalf as one of the finest and bravest members of this nation's great fire service.
The pleasure is all mine.
Art "ChiefReason" Goodrich

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Comment by Jason Hoevelmann on November 13, 2010 at 4:35pm
Hey, you look familiar? Do I know you? Welcome, it is nice to see you here. As always, thanks for putting out great stuff.
Comment by Art "Chief Reason" Goodrich on November 11, 2010 at 10:28am
Thank you very much for your kind comments.
It is true that I wanted to "up" my game, so to speak.
The crazy thing about blogging is that you don't really look to get a ton of comments like a discussion thread, but they are nice.
What a blogger like me wants in the end is to have someone read it, maybe even ponder it and discuss it among their peers.
I think it is important to have opinions and to express them, but I think it is more important to know WHY we have those opinions.
I am looking forward to my time here.
It made sense for me.
Comment by Jon D Marsh on November 11, 2010 at 9:23am
Good to see you here ChiefReason; you have certainly expressed yourself well in the past with your excellent commentary and/or opinions, and for the most part I have enthusiastically agreed with your rants, raves, and wise opinions. Being familiar with many of the great minds of the fire service as you mentioned, I have often thought about a "dream department" or "dream team" in which I would establish a complete A, B, C, schedule and where I would place all those whom I respect and admire for the contributions they made to the fire service. Gosh what a tremendous bunch of folks ! Without doubt, Mick Mayers would be head of my SARS team and head writer of leadership textbooks ! This project is probably best saved for a day when there is more time to sit here in the study. My wish for now, is for you to continue your style of writing that so many of us have enjoyed for many years and that we can start reaching more of the congregation instead of the choir, best wishes Art !!!! Jon Marsh
Comment by Jeff Schwering on November 10, 2010 at 10:56pm
Art, welcome to the party. The biggest thing about FE is adult conversations the majority of the time and the fact we all know each other regardless of location. Having our names out there is a plus and if LeBlanc says you're ok, so be it Brother!

All the best
Comment by Mike France on November 10, 2010 at 11:59am
Glad you are here, Welcome aboard

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