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Please Very Important Please Pray For My Sister

I am writing this blog in hopes that everyone out there will please pray for my thirteen year old sister who's in the hospital right now. When my sister was born she was born with a h*** in her heart and needed a heart transplant. Before she was even a year old she went into cardiac arrest six times and we almost lost her all of those six times. Then a miracle happened, when she was eleven months old they found a heart donor for her. She had the heart transplant and has been doing well ever since. Well the heart they gave her was only meant to last 10-12 years before she needed another heart transplant. She has been on the donor list for quite some time now but there has been no luck so far of finding another heart donor. Yesterday my sister was admitted to Texas Children's Hospital in Houston Texas because she went into cardiac arrest. She is currently on a ventilator right now. The doctors give her about two weeks to survive if they don't find a heart donor within those two weeks her chances of surviving longer than that do not look good. So please everyone pray for her and pray a miracle happens and that we find a heart donor SOON. After have losing my father, both my brothers, a cousin, and several friends from the fire service, I don't think I could handle losing my sister. She has been the love of my life for thirteen years and I would do anything to change places with her right now. When I spoke to her last my sister said to me, "Life goes on long after I'm dead and gone." A thirteen year old should never have to say those words. A thirteen year old should be looking forward to life and all the memories she could be making throughout her life, not laying in a hospital bed hoping to find a heart donor. This is all very hard for me and I'm having a hard time staying strong and sane through all of this. My sister is losing hope in finding a donor and is on the verge of giving up completely. I'm losing my mind and I have no idea what to do. I wish I could find the words to say to her to keep her holding on and to not lose hope.

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Comment by Joe Campbell on April 14, 2010 at 9:12pm
I have prayed for her and for you even as I read your empassioned plea. I will continue to as well. May I ask, how she is doing, not physically but in her relationship with Christ? The truest, most sincere expression of our love for family, friends and all people for that matter is to be concerned and active in their relationship with Christ. I pray that you also have strength, courage and faith, that you can be a rock that she can lean on.
Comment by Greg Wyant on April 14, 2010 at 8:44pm
Stay strong sister my family will be praying for yours...

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