• Canadian Eh

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    Canadian fire service Issues and Topics..Not Hockey

  • Small Town Tactics and Tools

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    Small Town Tactics and Tools is a group designed to help firefighters who protect rural and suburban areas. As the name suggests, we discuss tactics and tools and everything in between including training, leadership, manpower and water struggles, current fire events, and science. If you're from a d…

  • Facebook - IN THESE BOOTS

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    Writings on teamwork, leadership, pride, loyalty, brotherhood and other simple subjects that contribute to the enduring legacy of the Profession of Firefighting.

  • The "Two Camel Theater"

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    Where he who asks a question may be a fool for five minutes, but he who never asks remains a fool forever.

  • The Fire Academy

    68 members


  • Fire Law Forum with Legal Experts

    70 members

    This group is dedicated to giving general answers to your legal questions. The forum is hosted by experts in fire service law throughout the nation. Attorneys will respond to issues posted on this site.

  • Passion in Leading

    3 members

    Passion is a doubled edged sword. Knowing which side of the sword to use and when defines us as leaders and as firefighters. This page is designed to help motivate leaders and aspiring leaders by incorporating passion in their leadership style.

  • eLearning in the Fire Service

    13 members

      So, you have come to the right place.  Our new blog community will help you get started. Get new ideas from firefighters and training personnel who share the same love and passion for eLearning training as you!  In this blog, we can share examples, templates, slides, interactions, assessments and…

  • 25 to Survive: Reducing Residential Injury and LODD

    15 members

  • Engine House Training, LLC

    35 members

    Midwest training company comprised of owners Jason Hoevelmann, Frank Lispki, Andy Seers, Gary Graf and Dave Konys, all students of the fire service.  Just wanting to share and learn our craft.

  • To Carry or Not To Carry

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    To Carry or Not To Carry is a group discussion on what firefighters carry in-side their pockets of their turn out gear. 

  • "Outside The Box" Engine Company Operations

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    Engine Company work is often viewed as easy or not as fulfilling as "Truck Company work". This is absolutely not the case and some very "high speed" Engine Companies go to work everyday in very tough and arduous environments. They are only successful by relying on their relentless training, persona…

  • Step Up and LEAD

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    This group is a place for leaders in todays fire service to come and discuss "all things leadership"

  • Auto Extrication International Consulting

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    Only the Best Go Big. Perfect Small Vehicles before you go big. The Scope opens up a whole new world.

  • Searching Smarter

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    This group will discuss issues related to searching related to structural firefighting.

  • Suburban Fire Tactics

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    Suburban Fire Tactics is a forum to research, document and share the challenges and solutions encountered by firefighters and fire department administrators operating in urban interfaces. Suburban Fire Tactics is not a be-all, cure-all conclusion the the ailements, hazards and challenges that evolv…

  • Aggressive Firefighting

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    The purpose of this group is to discuss aggressive firefighting tactics and understand that safety can be a part of them at the same time.

  • Everyone Goes Home

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    Group dedicated to making sure that "Everyone Goes Home" through training, ROAM-Air Management, Calling the MAYDAY, seat belt use, LACK, and Courage To Be Safe.

  • Tap The Box - FETC Services

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    Welcome to our Tap the Box with FETC Services Group. We have been doing Professional Development - Leadership Programs on Fire Engineering Blog Talk Radio. We would love to hear from you all.  

  • Tough Enough to Wear Pink

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    Are you Tough enough to wear Pink Support our Brother and Sisters who are battling cancer.