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Today at the firehouse (11-2) it was a hard to get the guys to train. Their excuse to me was "it is Sunday". I struggled to get the guys off the couch to do a simple half hour of training. I am curious what your crews do for training on Sunday or do you not train on Sunday's?

Todd McKee

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Train on Sunday, win on Monday...
If you want their attention........this works every time. Determine what the distraction is and remove it. If it is the couch..........pull it out of the station. If it is the TV.......lose it.

When the guys had problems with training at one of our stations because it cut into their basketball game the officer cut into their basketball. He literally cut into the ball with a knife right in front of the whole company. Sometimes it takes drastic measures to reach the crowd. The same officer had a hard time getting his guys going one morning to train so when they were on the couch watching sports center, he got the water can out and drenched the furniture with water. Funny they didn't much want to sit after that. Be prepared for what happens next though. They may turn on you, but if the training is fun enough, they'll forget it.

Thanks Doug. Great example!
We train every Wednesday from 7-10 PM. Find a day, a time frame, work out a training plan and make them stick to it.
Shaun is should be done ever day that you are on duty, in what ever form. As an ex-UK firefighter/Station Officer British firefighters trained everyday, as a firefighter the nature of the job is that you learn something everyday.

"Tomorrow may never come", just for the sake of an hours training!!!!!!
Shawn it is funny that you say that! I even said "Well heck, maybe no one will call 911 today and we won't have to do our job". I eventually got the guys to train on a small drill and of course I was called a "training NATZI", but it didn't really bother me. They know how important is to train but it just takes time to get them used to the idea of everyday is a training day.
Thanks Todd McKee
Stay the course Brother, you're on the right track!
Train EVERYDAY, like your life depends on it...Because it does....Keep up the training, soon enough your guys will thank you for it. STAY SAFE FTM-PTB-DTRT
Every day is a training day. Make it part of your daily routine, they'll get used to it. Make sure that the training time is well spent. Plan it so it's a good school. In my humble opinion, bad training, or poorly presented training is almost as bad as no training. The more good schools you give them, the more they'll trust you and believe that it will be a good use of their time.

BUT if they are just being slugs, let them know that it can either be a 30 minute school or an 8-hour school. If you make the threat be prepared to follow through. If you do, you will only have to do it once.
We try and do something everyday even if it s a short video. That being said Sunday is usually the day that the county gives us as our day becuase of peoples religious belifs.

If we do train on a Sunday then it is always early so that the guys can watch football, basketball, etc.

While I do agree with training everyday you also have to have the pulse of your men. We run at an extremly busy house were sleep hardly occurs. The shift prior to last we had a 2 hour drill on rope rescue added to our ususal duties for that day and over 19 calls. A majority fo them after midnite. SO the next shift the Boss let us relax cause he could tell that we were still recovering from the previous shift.

Training is good but knowing when to back off a little is good as well. Remember the guys can make you look like a superstar or make your life hell depending on the respect level they have for you. Meeting somewhere in the middle is usually the best course fo action.
I am going against the norm here. I love to run calls on Sundays as well as any other day, but I enjoy training during the week. I like the tradition of lazy Sundays. It is a bonus for working hard all week. I wouldn't mind 1/2 - 1 hr training though. I agree that learning something new each day is the way to go, but on Sundays, I might like to find a new way to spice up the eggs or gravy! You can't ever go wrong training with your crews though. Stay safe.

People die in fires on Sundays too.
At the fire department am on ,we train sometimes on Sundays,We train doing the week.After we get our new fire department built,we will be doing much more training and having classes at our own.department .Other departments can come to our dept and take classes in the courses ,which we have to update every year or so.

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