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I am rebuilding my Departments RIT Kits. I am looking for suggestions as to equipment that should be carried in this bag. I am using Scott RIT PAK 2's to carry a spare Scott 4500 bottle, I have a Streamlight attached to the top side of the bag,and s 50' of search line in a pouch. I also have 1 pocket for small hand tools; pliers and wire cutters. Any ideas?

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Hey Bro
One of the members already said it ...KISS. As far as the RIT KIT goes, I did not notice if anyone has Hansen Fittings on the low air manifold. If your department has a confined space air cart, now you have infinate air, and a built in 300 foot search rope, (yeah, I know it will melt, but the one thing that should be along side it is a hoseline).
One of the Brothers mentioned a tarp. I am of the opinion, that if a tarp is put down, and equipment put on it, the equipment will walk. Our RIT does not stay in front of the fire buildings. They are too busy taking pro active RIT steps to give the members on the inside the best shot. So we developed the RIT stokes, and all of our gear is in there. If you need more stuff than 3 or 4 members can carry, then you have too much stuff! We are manpower low. It seems to work. Everyone here has great ideas though. Be safe
Hey Russ,I am on the same R.I.T team as Ron B.sometimes we have to leave our engine blocks from the scene.We try to get up as close as possible but sometimes that's hard to do.we bring everything we think we could possibly need.our engine operator stays with our tarp and keeps our accountibility board and monitors our operating channel.
when we have a large turnout at our R.I.T calls not everyone is able to put an s.c.b.a. on.So like Ron said we will assign an interior crew and an outside crew.We try to cover the fireground the best we can.Not everything works for everyone.We all have to figure out what works best for our own R.I.T team and make adjustments as we go.We did and still do.Be Safe.
We use the new Scott RIT with a 4500 cylinder with the hose adapter and spare mask. It is heavy and awkward. Any thought of using a sked for dragging it. this would allow the back to be strapped in supply a drag for the downed ff. Any one had any expreience with the sked? It might make our job alot easier

We have the same bottle in our RIT packs. In addition to the spare mask, we put in clear heavy duty plastic tubing. It's designed to attach at one end right to the threads of the Scott bottle and the other end is inserted directly into the victim's face piece. Through training, we've found it best to run the tubing up under the left shoulder strap to help keep the tubing in place while removing your victim. It's a quick fix for a quick removal. The positive pressure will keep out contaminants, but you will be losing air, but remember, it's designed as a "quick fix" only. Hope this helps and good luck.

Will Anderson

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