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We had a small fire the other night requiring us to stretch a hoseline onto a narrow porch with entry from the side. Although the stretch went okay, I can see the potential problems with hose kinking and working the line around a sharp corner to take it inside. Does anyone have any techniques or suggestions for stretching a line in this type of scenario?

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We've had similar issues, and it takes discipline of the personnel to stay on the porch and feed the line. Everyone wants in, but often three FFer's at the end of the line will not be able to overcome two 90- degree turns. Someone needs to stay back and feed the line and soon maybe another FF will be required to do the same inside. Another option would be to pass the line to the nozzleman on the porch to keep the line straight out fro the door, if the lay of the land allows this?
Just a few things, always remember to keep the working lenth perpendicular to the entrance. This will allow for a smooth advance from the yard. Stretching on the porch does not seem to be the best option. Was there a yard, steps up to the area, or did all the line have to be on the porch? There should only have been the working length up there. Were the railings on the porch removable, or at least able to knock out some pickets? Remeber, this is no different from a live fire training, in the sense of prepping the building. Oh and did the house have a front door? For multiple reason, I try and use the front door always for entry. So this may have been your only option and if so, oh well, you got to make it work. This is where training and discipline comes in. Like Adam says your guys got to know their jobs on the line (there is only 1 nozzle position) and they must insure that the line continues to move. I'm sure there are vacant building in your area that you can set this exact scenario up on again and practice the stretch to see what is going to work for you, just remember hose lays are like instant pudding, you got to add water!!
All of the technique in the world does not make up for adequate manpower. If there are enough members on the line and they are placed strategically at all of the critical positions(doorways, steps, corners, etc...) it will make for an easier stretch.


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