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Do any of you use or allow your people to use sun glasses during summer time activities such as marching in a parade? If you do, are they standardized. What model/type are they. Sunglasses are obviously not acceptable in all situation but are they acceptable for some?

Monty R. Moon
co commander
Coppell Honor Guard

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I have always told my guys it is OK if everyone has the SAME sunglasses. Unless they can match my prescription Oakleys it won't happen anytime soon. The Old Guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns wears sunglasses. If it's good enough for them, then it should be good enough for us. I say OK as long as they are uniform and tasteful. Parades can be uncomfortable enough in the hot summer, why not give the guys a break when and where you can.

Nat Ridge
Greenwood Honor Guard
We purchased the military issue sunglasses that the Army's Old Guard uses. The design of the frame is basic, the lenses are black (not colored or mirrored) and everyone is "The Same". In the event that one of our members shows up for a detail and does not have his/her sunglasses then nobody is allowed to wear them so that uniformity is maintained at all times.
I would be interested in the brand name/model sunglasses that you purchased for your unit based on the "Old Guard".

Charlie Cunningham
Montclair Polce Dept. Honor Guard
Charles we purchased our sunglasses at a local military surplus store. The website is and the sunglasses can be found in the aviation category. There are 4-5 items available, the pair that we selected were the Original Pilot Sunglasses, mattee bayonet 52mm. List price is $39.50 but we got a 10% discount because we purchased 15 pair. These sunglasses are not as comfortable as Oakleys or the other high end stuff but they look the most appropriate with our uniforms. Good luck.

Just completed the Elmhurst Honor Guard Academy near Chicago Illinois. Excellent class!. They taught us sunglasses are appropriate to wear in most situations. But, the sunglasses must all match or nobody wears them. We are considering buying cheap glasses in bulk so that we could purchase glasses for the guard (13 members) and keep plenty of extras for replacement or as new members come on board. Then we wouldn't have to worry about finding matching glasses a few years from now and putting out a lot of money. At the Honor Guard Academy they issued each student a set of glasses the first day and though cheap, they did look good.

During a detail, we never wear sunglasses. Before the detail, or after it...they're permitted. I've never seen a military HG detail with sunglasses. That maybe narrow minded, but....


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