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I hear more and more discussion/debate about our abililities to fight fire agressively from the interior of structures today. While this debate will rage on for at least the duration of my career I am certain, I have yet to hear any real discussions about how to safely and effectively conduct defensive operations. In my brief fire service career I truly can not recall training on either safely and effectively transitioning from an offensive to a defensive attack or simply setting up safe and effective defensice operations from the outset. Certainly I have heard a lot about making the decision to go defensive, but not about the actual tactics involved in doing so safely/effectively. Can anyone lend guidance in this area? At some point I know we all have to burn something to the ground. I just want to make sure that none of my crew members get hurt in the process.

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There was an article in Fireengineering about transitioning from an interior to a defensive operation it was probably a coupld years ago.

As for tactics here is my take on it....
No hand line smaller than a 2 1/2 use ground moitors that don't have to be manned if possible Also reasearch the "Blitz FIre" by TFT it is a 3 man engine company by itself.
Have your special service companies open up the building and then let your engine companies flood it.
Using the monitors and 2 1/2 will allow you to operate at a safe distance due to the reach (if you have a smooth bore on it). Finally call in an air strike (Ladder comapny elevated stream) If your roof is still in tact then utilize this under the roof line and bank your stream off the roof this will act like a 1000 GPM sprinkler head. If no roof exits then go ahead and set up the portable thunderstorm above the roof line and flood it from there. Then go to the rehab truck get a gatorade and a pack of nabs and relax cause you are going to be there a while.

Hope this helps


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