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We currently use Hemp rope for our ladder halyards and they always seem to be in a state of questionable condition. All my commercial ladders have a poly rope halyard and I'm considering trying some poly ropes on some FD ladders. Anybody have any insight into this?

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Thanks for the reply Brent

Does your department have a policy about how often the halyards are to be changed?
Trash the Hemp and go with some good quality synthetic. We replaced all our halyard ropes several years ago (after a hemp line broke), I have no idea where it was purchased. It looks like a polyester kernmantel rope, about 7/16 diameter.

Try giving a ring to some of the rope companys and they should be able to point you in the right direction. I noticed that some of the new ladders currently have a synthetic rope for the halyard. One of the fire service ladder manufacturers should also be able to help you out.

Good luck,
Jim is correct about trashing the hemp line. Remember that natural fiber rope loses 50% of its strength every time it gets wet, and never regains it back. My department changes the line as soon as we purchase a new ladder. And we do not have a policy either about when to change them.

Good luck and BE SAFE!
Thanks for replying sal and Gary

Gary, is the synthetic rope you all use a braided rope or other?
Yes, it is a polypropolene (excuse the spelling) braided rope from CMC (there ladder halyard)

Thanks Gary, I"ll check out CMC's web site.
We use nylon it works great. We change it as needed, ladders are inspected after use and on wed when the companys wash them.

1/2 tan superpro from Orion Ropeworks Winslow ME #620160-TAN00600-R0321 It is three strans and braided.
Thanks Frank

How long have you guys been using this rope? Is there any reason why you use a nylon rope vs. a poly rope?
For over 11 years, as for the choice it is stronger and does not fray as bad like poly will over time .

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