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Ok, I am looking for an honest poll here....So, without looking or asking your neighbor, what kind of imager does your department use and if there are more than one what are they? Also, if you do have different cameras do you know the operating differences between them?

Thanks, Piep

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We have a ISG Talisman K90 and a Bullard.
Which Bullard?
Bullard T1
Last department used the T3 which I preferred due to size and ease of carry on retractable strap. Also the T3 had the thermal throttle feature which was very valuable during overhaul as well as on smell of smoke investigations. Helped isolate heat sources. The thermal indicator on the T3 was also very nice to have.
We carry two of the Bullard TI. They work pretty well. They have a slow warm up period but once they are up and running it works very well. A few of the downsides are first the weight and size which can become a pain when crawling aroung with it or just trying to hold it up for a long period of time for any reason. Also it has a focus knob on the front of our camera which i noticed seems to get bumped a lot. Also as said before the batteries work great when new. Other wise forget it once they start to wear out they only last like 2 minutes. The veiw finder on the camera is a great size and it also shows the thermal differences very well. All and all I would have to say it is a good rugged camera.
We have one MSA Evolution 4000 ( could be Evolution 5000) we have had for several years. And two Scott Eagle TIC, one is brand new the other is a year old. The Scotts are much smaller and have more features than the MSA just because they are newer. The only thing about the Scotts is; they are designed to work perfectly when crawling and looking down at the screen but they require a little getting used to when being used while standing. But the color option is very nice.
We use MSA on every front out engine. They are small and work well for what we need.
Sorry its a T1. It was given to us by the New Jersey Division of Fire on a grant. Whats nice is both cameras use the same technoligy so you get a very simular picture
We have the ISG Talisman K90.

What kind of MSA do you guys carry?
We use the MSA evolution 4000 and the Evolution 5200 (smaller newer camera).
We use a Bullard T1 in my volunteer dept. I am also a fire instructor full time for the power industry in my state and we use 3 here. 2 MSA evolution 5200s and a Scott Eagle 160. The biggest difference between the Scott and the MSA is the fact that the Scott has a full color setting and the imager is designed so you can crawl with it and it is pointing ahead so you can see in front of you without stopping and raising up. The MSA's are tried and true( we have had one for about 2.5 years. The Scott we have only had a few months but it seems to be a good investment. I'm not real fond of the Bullard but it is the most compact of the models I have worked with.
MSA 4000 and 5000.

I like the size of the 5000..... but prefer the picture on the 4000

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