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Who the hell do you think you are for embarrassing my Fire Service? Resign NOW

Chief Daniel Fee a Fire Chief in Freeport, New York was ordered to remove a pair of novelty "Bumpernuts" from the fire truck after complaints in September. However, the Chief in a brilliant move to thwart the Mayors directive relocated them to a still-visible position inside the cab

Chief, I echo the Mayors commentary. "The gesture was offensive, insensitive and unprofessional,"

You are not a leader, you are a clown and you should resign immediately. Your community deserves a better leader than what you have demonstrated.

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-Shocking. In today's world and especially with the political climate where every politician is lining up to disparage firefighters and blame them for everything from cost overruns to the current economic trends do we really even want to take time defending an idiot that thinks it's appropriate to hang novelty balls on a fire truck?!?! Then he refuses to follow direction and remove the "decorations"???
-Get rid of this jerk!!!
John and Brick, don't we as a profession have enough going on with ensuring proper training, polititians, etc, for a clown like this to completely muck up everything he does. Chief Fee, find a new line of work, like walmart or the like, you still get a pretty vest.
This act of disrespect to the service that we so proudly try to keep respectful and honorable to our communities is appalling to say the least! This reflects on the entire service as a whole. In times like these we don’t need mutts like this pulling us down. Enjoy retirement a little early chief.

I have one better a Chief officer parked a Bar with their Dept. vehicle , Drinking and then Driving home after drinking
Though the chief's judgment may have been a tad off, I don't think that it gives rise to demand a resignation.
However: I have to wonder if training and such is as high on his list of priorities as a novelty nutbag.
Inappropriate? Yes.
Embarrassing? Yes.
Firing offense? Naw; maybe worth a swift kick to the "novelty nuts".
Good one - thanks
Well stated Art!

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