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Firefighters Trapped on the Roof - The Personal Escape System Option

This video is intended to help promote discussion on Ventilation Operations - Tactics and Safety.......What are YOUR answers to the following questions?

1. Does your Department open roofs or do you only use PPV?

2. What's your procedure for ventilating a pitched roof?

3. Why or why not use a roof ladder?

4. Have you trained on working from an Aerial or Tower Ladder?

5. What precautions do you take so members don't fall THROUGH, OFF or get trapped ON the roof?

6. What's your backup plan if your primary egress gets cut off and a secondary hasn't been established?

7. Do you carry a Personal Safety/ Escape System?

Train, Be Prepared, Stay Safe, Make the Save - SURVIVE!
Dale G. Pekel

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Comment by Michael Dombroski on March 7, 2012 at 4:51pm

This illustrates my question on the forum about the value of verticle ventilation on residential houses.  What possible value was going to be added by cutting a h*** in that roof at that time?  There appeared to be as much ventilation as you were likely to get via the top floor windows, which were all opened up. Two firefighters could easily have been seriously injured, or even worse and I can not understand how you would justify that when their families ask "why did this happen"?  Perhaps the two ff on the roof and the other two that had to rescue them could have pushing another line up the stairs so the fire could go out.

Great stuff about the escape systems though.  Very interesting thanks.

Mike D

Comment by Christopher Huston on February 27, 2012 at 11:33am

Just watched this am. Great example of why we need a plan b, c, d.....

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