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At 10:36am on February 11, 2009, Dave Gallagher said…
Hey LT... how's it going?
At 8:04pm on November 24, 2008, Andrew Brassard said…
Hey Brother,

I was wondering if you could shoot me an email, I wanted to ask you some questions regarding your (Orlando Fire Department) bail out system and your thought on it.

Any help would be great, stay safe brother.

Andrew Brassard

P.S. You are probably working on your tan while I am freezing my a** off!!!! LOL
At 12:28am on September 20, 2008, David G. Thewlis GIFireE said…
Hi Mike,
hope all is well over there. Nice to catch up through this media.


At 10:07am on September 17, 2008, Michael Gilbert said…
floors and a the roof needs to be reshingled but hey thats what we get for living in Florida. Hows yours coming? I can help ya out with that carpet if you need.
At 10:06am on September 17, 2008, Michael Gilbert said…
Hey Bro, the house is coming along walls are back up, still need
At 6:46pm on September 16, 2008, Michael Gilbert said…
Whats Up brother
At 6:28pm on September 9, 2008, Bill Hopson said…
Damn hansome man....he must jump off bridges into glacial waters, to retain his youth.......
At 1:33pm on July 20, 2008, Ben Fleagle said…
It was good to meet you in Seattle, it was an honor. You and the others have done a great thing for the fire service, nationwide. No matter how humble you are about it, you opened the door to change things.
At 9:58am on July 18, 2008, Chad Berg said…
Your welcome brother. Thanks for coming
At 8:51pm on July 17, 2008, Rob Fisher said…

Anytime you come to Seattle, you have a place to stay. Bobby stayed in our condo's guest suite while he was here. Let me know when you plan on coming and I'll schedule it for you.

Yea...we have some high-tech stuff in Seattle. You did good with our fancy toilet.

I am so proud of the brothers and sisters who helped with the convention. Berg and I were talking last night at work on how things went better than we had planned. The weather was spectacular. We didn't have any major problems. It all was smooth. Not sure why, though. Good people, I guess.

The convention was a true experience for me. It was my first, not my last. See you in Maine. My wife already has it on the calendar.

Need anything, anytime, give me a call.
At 5:58pm on March 31, 2008, Steve Gillespie said…
Congrats! I hope to get promoted this fall. STAY SAFE.
At 10:29pm on March 30, 2008, Steve Gillespie said…
When did you get promoted?
At 8:21am on March 30, 2008, John Lewis said…
Bro... nice to hear from you, hope things are well in the Stalling's home and OFD. How is that new Floating Tower Lieutenant making out, after all these years it's about time we welcomed him into the real fire service..
Stay well brother miss ya
At 1:36pm on March 29, 2008, Rich Nappi said…
Sadly no, for the first time in about a decade I will not be att he FDIC & now a conflict has arose with the convention. And I see the impressive Mr. Halton is giving a speech there, annoying me more that I can not attend. Let's hope for changing priorities.
At 10:23pm on March 28, 2008, Ray McCormack said…
Hi Mike
Nice to see you
At 4:19pm on March 28, 2008, Rich Nappi said…
Great, you? Looking foward to pending emerits status?
At 12:38pm on March 28, 2008, Frank Ricci said…
we could use your input in our Tactical Building Blocks group. We are on the side under featured groups.
This group will focus on aggressive interior firefighting. We will address tactics that increase your chance of not getting jammed up and cover what actions to undertake if you do.We will cover some big issues as well as small tactical tips
Be Safe

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