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At 1:11am on April 12, 2009, Don Huneke said…
Chief. Great topic you posted about Freelancing. I got on my soap box on that one. I hope my response sparked as much thought as your topic did. Stay Safe (EGH)
At 8:44pm on March 5, 2009, Phil Jose said…

Just sent you a friend request. We met when you were here in Seattle and had lunch together talking about vert vent of a truss construction.

I wanted to reach out and see if you have some insight into differences in construction feature that can help identify whether a flat roof building has a cockloft/attic space and/or when there is no space but just ceiling/insulation in the rafter space/and roof deck.

We have a lot of buildings with both types of construction and we recently had a top floor fire with a mis-identification of a cockloft where there was none. Significant difference in fire spread potential and resource allocation. No harm done but I would like to train the crews on how to quickly differentiate between the two.

Thanks a bunch.

Phil Jose
At 1:21pm on March 5, 2009, Scott Thompson said…
Hey Bro. just checking in and saying hello. Look forward to seeing you in Indy. Hope all is well.

At 2:14pm on February 28, 2009, P.J. Norwood said…
Chief, I attended your lecture yesterday at the CT Fire Academy. Excellant job, thank you very much. My shift today will be wearing their chin strap!

I never did hear from Andrew Scott but I am not going anywhere so if you ned anything please let me know.

Thanks agian.

P.J. Norwood
At 4:09pm on January 26, 2009, Will Stolc said…
Hey Chief
I have some pics from our recent training activities. If you want give me your e-mail and ill send you them.
At 5:42pm on January 9, 2009, Art Zern said…

Thanks for joining the Illinois Fire Service Institute group. Feel free to jump-in or start a discussion.

At 12:26pm on January 3, 2009, le neouanic laurent said…

hello my name is laurent so french paramedic fire figther,i search for trade uniform's and helmet's for my collection ,thank's for your reponse my blog :
my mail :
happy new year for you and your family ,so long .laurent
At 9:33pm on December 26, 2008, Dennis E Sampson said…
Hey Chief,

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you, your family and extended family !!

Just a quick note, I have done exatly what you have stated for 35 years as a firefighter in trying to reduce the casualties and sadly became one myself. I was voted out of my department because I held a Chief accountable as well as a member of his company for coming to a call smelling of alcohol and admitting such. I guess I can only say that under my leadership, EVERYONE WENT HOME, something I am very proud of !! But, I have also died internally for what has been done. My short story tells it all !!

Dennis E Sampson
At 5:12pm on December 13, 2008, Brent Hullender said…
What are you talking about with the music? I have just about anything you can think of on my ipod. I'll work on a play list just for you. I'll have it ready when Mike and I pick you up at the airport. Have a great Christmas!

At 9:48pm on November 29, 2008, Ron Burkhardt Jr said…
Thanks Chief for the response. We basically have everyone in line. Im sure that there are some that wont say they are not for this but act like they are. That is inevitable we all understand. In the last few years my dept has made great strides to get everyone together. It is believe it or not working. We are training together, responding more as a dept, and even conversating with each Alot of the frontline members are tired of having to do it all ourselves. One co responds with 10 another with 2 another with 5 and so on. Our thing is lets fully staff as many trucks instead of spreading everything out. This is going to happen for certain its just a matter of working all the particulars out. Like you said and we are finding out it all evolves around $$$$$. Do you know where to look for the funds and grants that may be available to us? I believe thats where we need to start. Not to get off the subject but by chance do you and chief Nasta still run the Engine and truck ops class for the state? I attended that a few years ago at the Dempster center. It was excellent.I would like to get my guys into that. Thanks again Ron
At 8:20am on November 29, 2008, P.J. Norwood said…
Chief, Thank you for contacting me. Yes please feel free to have your communications staff contact me. Even if the money is not there and they need some creative ideas I am more then happy to help.

Stay Safe & Happy Holidays.

At 6:13pm on November 24, 2008, Ron Burkhardt Jr said…
Hey Chief, Im a Captain out of Union Beach in Monmouth County. We are currently in the process of trying to consolidate our dept. We have four houses and are looking to put them into one or two. My question to you is how? How do we do this our town will not be able to build us a firehouse and we are not a wealthy fire district like most of the county. Is there grants and could you give some advice? Any help or advcie is greatly appreciated. My email is Thanks in advance, Ron
At 8:00pm on November 10, 2008, Dewey Schmidt said…
Yes, health insurance is carried by our IAFF Local at this time.
At 4:44pm on November 10, 2008, Dewey Schmidt said…
We max at 75% at 30 yrs; with Plan B max at 5 additional yrs. Like I said if my health holds I am good. State pension system for firefighters here. However, I can go tomorrow if I need... Delete Comment
At 3:44pm on November 10, 2008, Dewey Schmidt said…
And how about yourself? What are your plans?
At 8:00am on November 10, 2008, Dewey Schmidt said…
I apologize for not answering before now... I plan on 35 years; if my health holds out.
At 4:32pm on October 29, 2008, PJ Langmaid said…
Sorry about that Chief. The topic is in the Start Water Group. I look forward to your thoughts on it.
At 8:52pm on October 28, 2008, PJ Langmaid said…
Hi Chief, I appreciated your topic on truck work at the MD. I'd like to hear your thoughts on the First Due Engine: Occupied Exposure. Keep up the good work an dI look forward to reading your book one of these days.
At 2:14pm on October 22, 2008, Todd McKee said…
Chief Avillo:
I posted a blog about buckling helmets and Bobby told me you were the man that brought this home to NY & NJ. Please take a look at the BLOG and put your thoughts to it. I would love to hear any ideas you have regarding this! How do I bring this to my guys and students??

Todd McKee
At 3:31pm on October 2, 2008, SCOTT MILLER said…
chief, have you ever heard of something in "nims" that requires the incident commander at a structure fire to be a chief officer?

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