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At 8:04pm on December 1, 2008, Chad Berg said…
I'm stalking you!
At 7:33pm on December 1, 2008, Art Zern said…

Just read your comments on Tradition & FOOOLS and on EE's photo on Chief Laskey's page. I commented on the FOOLS blog yesterday and two of the men at our last Southside FOOLS meeting (as always) were EE and MAC. As usual, these "traditional" firefighters had a great deal to add to our discussions. You are right about them... It has been my pleasure to learn from and teach with them. We are indeed lucky to have these FOOLS.

Great to "meet" you
Duty Pride Tradition

At 6:24pm on November 26, 2008, Andrew Brassard said…
Ya I agree that probably the best way in is to cut a "door" in the bars. Ideally I think that removal would be best, but in this case (due to the weight) it is not a viable option.

At 12:17am on November 25, 2008, Ben Fleagle said…
Thanks Brother. I'll pass on your message to all.

At 9:35pm on November 24, 2008, Andrew Brassard said…
WOW!! That door is nice. I would definitely say that that cage would weigh enough to kill someone if it fell on them, vise grips would not be the ticket here. What are you thinking as a plan of attack for this? Attack one side with the saw and pull it out? Could the winch be operated by fire crews? Is there any additional ways in? Love to hear your thoughts brother.
At 7:47pm on November 24, 2008, Andrew Brassard said…
Hey Eric,

Great photos on your page, I love the cage over the doors. How does the cage move up and down? Is it locked in or can it move? That is great any more info would be much appreciated.

Thanks Bro and Stay Safe,
At 3:43pm on November 4, 2008, Adam Bean said…
Hey Eric,

You'll definatly see me in June. I just got back from a convention planning meeting as a matter of fact. It should be a great time. Hope things are going good out in Cali.

At 4:49pm on October 26, 2008, Ray McCormack said…
Hi Eric Hope all is well out there in Yuba
E mail me at
Thanks Ray
At 11:01am on September 28, 2008, Austin Lindsey said…
Hey Cap

What's going on. Finally got a fire two shifts ago. 6 months with out one was getting kind of ridiculous. Had 2 rooms in the lower floor of a split level fully developed. I was assigned ventilation and secondary egress. How's every thing in NORCAL.

At 12:47pm on September 18, 2008, Ron Smith (a.k.a. G-Ron) said…
Still scary Bro..... Just under water!!

How's everything out west?
I heard you are going East soon? I just got back from Tulsa..... good times, good fires.

I want to talk to you sometime...... call me!

Stay Low,
At 4:14pm on September 17, 2008, Michael Gilbert said…
Hey Brother, not going to Mass. May be in Australia
At 11:33pm on September 13, 2008, Chad Berg said…

I hate to tell you, but we had another job on the morning of 9/11, and we just wrapped up with a heavy auto extrication a few hours ago. A few good pics on my blog page.

I sound like an idiot!
At 7:32am on September 6, 2008, PJ Johnson said…
Hey Bro,

I will be teaching VES down there with Olde Mike Clarke, Old Gallagher and Paddy Nichols. Should be a blast. I guess Stack and a few others are coming out and Bart is showing up too.
See you there, let me know you travel plans too.
At 10:06pm on August 27, 2008, Chad Berg said…
Normally I don't like to share, but lately we could afford to send some "work" out, and still have our share. It has been a great year. EMS calls are down, and Fires are way up.
The only good side to a Recession and depressed economy I guess.
At 10:46pm on August 17, 2008, Ben Fleagle said…
You never know, man. I write from the gut, so sometimes those comments come out without much forethought, kinda like the "baby" comment at the Convention. Geez, that split me up!
At 9:49pm on August 17, 2008, Ben Fleagle said…
Hey Brother:

I'd love to write more for the site. I'm particularly fascinated by the leadership issues we face on the floor, dealing with a different generation of young people. Should I keep sending?

At 4:35pm on August 3, 2008, Chad Berg said…
Hey, what's up Brother? I see you are logged on.

Tomorrow, we will be headed over the Olympic Penninsula for Andy Palmers Memorial Service. Is that fire out yet?

How is everything in Yuba City.

Check out some updating I did to my page and added a blog.
At 2:33pm on July 17, 2008, Mike Stallings said…

Email me your address as well at Had a great time in to you soon....

Be safe.

Your Brother in Fire,
Mike Stallings
At 1:56am on July 17, 2008, Chad Berg said…

Text me your mailing address so I can send you the paperwork for the camera shipment if you want it. Thanks again for coming........I knew you wouldn't miss it for a second, but I only wish I had a little more time with ya brother. We were both pretty busy, huh?
Just think, '09 is only 11 months away!
At 11:19pm on July 13, 2008, Jeremy Stocker said…
Hankins, it was a pleasure meeting you p in Seattle and Congrats on your new E-Board Position. Hopefully we will see you on the East Coast next year. Thanks for coming, STAY SAFE - EGH

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