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: Mon Aug 18, 2008 12:10 am Post subject: Another Fire in Fernwood for C shift Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post Delete this post View IP address of poster

We just got done cleaning up saws and hooks and returning from another fire in our first due.
Yes, Lt. Fisher was working this time! Very Happy

Ladder 72 was dispatched for a service call 9 blocks from the Firehouse for smoke coming from the woods. We bunked up completely for this "service call" since they had a working arson fire on this road of abondoned houses a week and a half ago. We showed up, parking our apparatus on 180th St. and walked around the cyclone fence and down the private road 50 yards with a can and hooks. Wouldn't you know it, the first house we saw was a 2200 sq. ft rambler with a contents fire inside on the C/D corner and smoke pushing from eaves and gable vents at both ends of the house. The house was obviously abandoned and the front door had been kicked in.
Lt. Fisher balanced the call to a "Residential Response". Myself and our truckman (new FOOL Brendon Grace) went back for saws and a ground ladder. I forced the gate with the rotary saw so our first due Engine co. would have access down the private drive. I grabbed the 24' ladder and our truckman grabbed the saws. We laddered the building and had our saws running waiting for our Engine to arrive for fire attack. At the same time, Battalion 71 arrived and established command and Ladder 72 did a quick primary search, even though it was abandoned it had the potential for squatters. Nothing found.
Engine co. 73 arrived with newly married FOOL, Lt. Ronda Steinbach (formerly Carlson) and fellow FOOL D/O PJ Burt and there nozzleman. They stretched their 1.75" line and went in, at that point, we started cutting. Two quick holes and not much for extension in the attack just some moderate warm grey smoke. E73 did a quick knock down on the contents and extension to the walls and all other companies were placed back in service.
Ladder 72 remained onscene with the Investigator and competed overhaul. Not the most spectacular of jobs but some forcible entry saw work and a vent job always sits well. Unfortunately, we didn't catch any pics of this job, since my camera wasn't thrown on the truck this morning.

Companies operating; Batallion 71, Ladder 72, Engines 73, 77, 45, and Aid 75.

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Comment by Chad Berg on September 15, 2008 at 8:07pm
Thanks Tim.
Comment by Tim Linke on August 27, 2008 at 10:18pm
Nice work from the Brick House fellas!
Comment by Bobby Halton on August 27, 2008 at 11:52am
Chad I want you to be aware that not having your camera will be noted in your FOOLS annual evaluation. If you continue to disappoint us we will be forced to promote you so your behavior will be more expected! Nice write up Thanks
Fellow FOOL Bobby

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