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The Ultimate Firefighter 9-11 Tribute Challenge Workout

Every year around September 11th I like to take a moment and reflect on the significance of the day and honor those that sacrificed (and continue to sacrifice to this day).  I encourage you to do this workout, share your results and challenge others to do the same, at least once a year (on September 11th).    This "tribute" workout is difficult but has a great significance to September 11th.  You will climb 110 flights of stairs and perform 343 reps of various strength exercises.   Before you begin this workout, like every workout, perform an active warm-up (click here for a video overview of the w...)

Active warm-up (perform for 30 seconds or 10 reps of each exercise for 2 circuits wit no rest between exercises)

  1. Standing Chops
  2. Standing Knee Hugs
  3. Spidermans
  4. Knees side to side
  5. Cross overs (X-overs)
(Repeat for a total of 2 circuits)
Now that your body is properly "primed"..its on to the workout.   All you need for this workout are some steps (or a step-mill) and a way to do pull-ups or body rows.  You should time the workout from the first step to the last so you can track your fitness progress from year to year.
Rest when you feel you need to (try to keep it at a minimum),  go from exercise to exercise at your own pace.  Have fun and remember the significance.

Start the timer.....then:

1.  Run stairs (or step mill) as fast as possible for 396 steps or 22 flights
2.  Perform 100 push-ups (rest as little as possible)
3.  Run stairs (or step mill) as fast as possible for 396 steps or 22 flights
4.  Perform 100 prisoner squats (rest as little as possible)
5.  Run stairs (or step mill) as fast as possible for 396 steps or 22 flights
6.  Perform 100 lunges (50 each leg)

7.  Run stairs (or step mill) as fast as possible for 396 steps or 22 flights


8.  Perform 43 pull-ups or body rows (rest as little as possible)

9.  Run stairs (or step mill) as fast as possible for 396 steps or 22 flights

Record your time (to measure form year to year)....then pass out (just kidding)

Variations:  You can vary the workout based on your available equipment--run bleachers or do step ups, if you don't have a step-mill or substitute out some of the strength exercises.  You may also want to cut the reps in half and perform half of or a variation of the steps. I encourage you to make the workout significant to yourself, your crew, your department.  This is a great way to honor and remember those that sacrificed on this day.

Please take a moment to understand the significance of the workout and to make a pledge (as a firefighter or as a person) to strive to improve your level of fitness (or at least maintain) from year to year.

Give this challenge a try.  Please comment your times and variations and SHARE with your friends and crew members. NEVER FORGET.
Stay Safe and Healthy,
Aaron Zamzow

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