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The Sunday Preach: 


"Only a firefighter truly knows what it is like to be a firefighter. Only we, who crawl down smoke filled hallways, know what it is like when lives are on the line." Page XI. http://25 to Survive: Reducing Residential Injury and LODD

We have all had or witnessed various interactions with the fire service 'keyboard firefighter', spent time arguing with the 't-shirt wearer,' and seen those who have more 'stickers' on their helmet then trips to the firehouse john. 

Or perhaps your antagonist was an outsider. The nosey neighbor, an in-law, that pesky friend from college...

Do they really know what you do? Do they really have any idea of the level of discipline and training that you have endured to reach the point where you are today?  

Perhaps they got to you, made you angry.... yell and even cuss and make a 'post' or 'reply' that you wish you didn't. We have all been there.  

Or, perhaps you took the other approach and let civility held your own and explained what and why it is that you have done and do on a regular basis, in a long thought out diatribe or conversation.  

Here is the take away point: don't be discouraged by the attempts of those who hide behind keyboards and eBay purchased t-shirts or those who DON'T TRULY KNOW what you and your team does to stand in the pursuit of your personal and team excellence. I, US, WE, FAMILY...

You and you alone hold the key to your success. Change begins with the individual. From you, surround yourself with like minded individuals and see how quickly the 'I's' form into 'us', as the individuals will start to talk of 'us' those who strive for successes. No longer speaking in the form of 'I', the 'us' will form a team, quickly speaking of 'we' as referring to the members of the team. The team or 'we' will replace the 'us' ... and the team over a period of time becomes 'family'.  

It's the backstep, not the backlit keyboard that deserves your attention. 

For in the end, when you look around, family is all that really matters.

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