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Lot's of discussion/conflict on the SLICE-RS concept, which I think is great. Conflict/discussion is a necessary indicator of change. Without it, everything remains the same. Although, some of the who-ha is inaccurate. Not picking on this guy. It just happens to be the example of the day. A few facts that might be helpful: 

1) Rescue remains the highest priority of the fire department. We're every bit as aggressive on rescue as ever; I'd argue more aggressive and more effective. We simply moved the "R" to indicate flexibility. (You'd think we placed the "R" right next to the cheese.) The basic concept is when you're ahead of the water, lean towards VEIS. When you're behind the water, lean towards traditional primary and secondary search. And this is a rule of thumb, dependent on the situation. But rescue is still job #1. Always has been, always will be. Anyone claiming otherwise is, well...."blowing smoke," or misinformed. 

2) We don't always hit it from the outside first, and never said anything about for how long. We ran 3 fires yesterday, none of which called for exterior cooling prior to entry. It depends on the conditions. We tell our guys/gals to cool it until conditions improve. That's their call based on what they have at the time. Any references to time came from somewhere else. But when we have high heat and it, from wherever makes sense. Might be outside, might be inside...just depends. But use the water! Water makes fire better!

3) Stream and application technique matters. We are forever reinforcing "how" to apply water. Straight or solid streams applied directly in the heated compartments without the "whipping" stuff is the preferred to minimize disruption of the thermal balance. 

I encourage everyone to make sure they are working with the facts and not the internet drama and distraction. While I often get a good "LOL," I question the contributions to moving the fire service forward, in whatever direction that may be. There's a difference between meaningful questions and debate, and stirring stuff based on emotion and inaccurate information. Again, not picking on this guy. Just speaking in general terms. 

So let the debate continue! Good stuff!

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