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Are you bored with your current exercise routine or looking to try something new? Are you working out at the station or at home and want to focus on the most beneficial piece of equipment money can buy? Then check this out: The kettlebell will change your workout dynamic completely.

The kettlebell can date its history back in one form or another to the 1700’s and began to be heavily relied upon in Soviet Training programs in the early 1900’s. The Kettlebell has made appearances in North America for the past 50 years, but was highly ignored in American gyms until the 2000’s. Better late than never, right? The kettlebell really is a do-it-all piece of equipment; it takes a holistic approach towards strengthening your entire body. Benefits can be as far reaching as cardiovascular and aerobic, but the true greatness lies in its ability to focus on strengthening the core. Nearly all movements with a kettlebell are generated from the movement of your hips and the stabilized by your abdominals and lower back. Whether swinging or snatching; using a kettlebell really engages dozens of muscles all over your body. Best thing is? You can use a kettlebell in your home or station gym and rely solely upon it to get a very effective workout. No more waiting for the bench press at a commercial gym or walking for 30 minutes on the treadmill. The kettlebell can do it all; and do it all very well. You don't have to take my word for it: purchase your own and be ready for one of the most effective workouts you have ever had. Remember, like all compound movements, perfect form is a must. Especially when you are adding a dynamic component, like with most kettlebell exercises, injuries can be even more common with improper technique.

Starting out with a Kettlebell

In the case of the kettlebell, taking a beginners or introductory class really is the way to go. There are so many movements that can be done with a kettlebell and a great instructor will be able to cover them in a couple hours. Not only is a class great for learning the exercises that can be performed, but it will also show you how perform them properly. As stated above, perfect form with the kettlebell is key. It is possible to blast a strength and cardio workout with one of these bad boys, but if your limbs are all over the place (and not in a good way), they will come back and bite you. Hard. 



The unique shape and structure of the kettlebell makes it one the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment out there. Though the muscles recruited depend upon the movement being performed, every single action will require stabilization from the core and movement from the hips. Holding the thick handle is also quite the challenge, adding a nice bit of forearm strengthening to the picture. A well made kettlebell will have its weight distributed identically on both sides, so there is reason to worry about imbalance. The number of exercises possible with a kettlebell is honestly staggering. There are books and exercise workshops directed specifically toward outlining them all, making it unnecessary to list them here, but think of all the exercises you do with a dumbbell or barebell and add about 100+ more. Squats, jerks, presses, swings are all a must-do when training with a kettlebell.  Also, a ton of the movements performed with a kettlebell translate very well into sports and fire ground activities. They are very functional pieces of equipment and aid a great deal in performing movement on a day-to-day basis.


All in the Hips

Guy or girl; these babies will grow those glutes like no other. All movement is initiated from the hips and the glutes must be kept tight at all times to provide balance and stabilization. All of this equates to a fantastic burning for your glutes each and every workout. If you are looking to add a little meat to you behind, the kettlebell is your go-to gym buddy. With all the benefits that using a kettlebell provides, it is no surprise to see them showing up more often at commercial gyms around the country. If you have not tried one of these bad boys out yet, get some tips on how to start and begin swinging, but please don't hurt anyone around you. 


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