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  Over the last year I have met several FF's via the social netwrok  and there are a few that i have formed unique friendships with. To my amazement , it's not that i have never fought fires with Female firefighters , because I have within my own dept.and they are outstanding , but there are some that I formed a social friendship with are very unique in their own different ways.All hail from different parts of the United States ,

  The first one , is not a Firefighter althought she is employed by Fire Engineering, i recently had the chance to met her at NYS Chiefs, we sta down one morning and had coffee and talked ,she took the time to listen to my story, We met up later on for more conversation during State chiefs and convinced me to become more involved with my story as a Fire Chief. My thanks to her for taking the time to listen and I promise that I would become more involved.

 The second FF hails from the Midwest , now i can say for a fact she is class act and Fellow FOOL, we have conversed on more than one occassionand, we talk shop on daily basis, I can say that she is one hell of a Firefighter , her ambition and drive is like no other I know . By the way she is one hell of a photographer , she can paint a picture with her photos like no other.

 The Third is from Alaska , another class act , god bless her for living up there in Alaska, She is a Nurse, Mother, Grandmother and a all around Jake, what can i say about her not much more , and yes she is a FOOL.

 The Fourth is a Sister and fellow FOOL , and we actually had the chance to work together a few weeks ago in training a group of Fire Explorers  and it was a Blast , since then we became great friends, there are many words i can use to describe her , but the one I choose is Awesome, not only is she a Firefighter , but she is a member of the USART team here in New York.

 Now you ask where is he is going with this , to be honest, my direction goes in two different directions . With the person that took the time to listen and talk to me , as i said she made me realize that i need to to set my sights a bit higher and trust me , I am, i would not be writing this if i wasn't. For the other direction , I say this I'd fight any fire with any one of these Sisters and follow them in to the Fire. They al have the Drive to make our Fire Service better , somewhere , somehow all will be leaders in the Fire Service in the Future ,

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