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When is it time to move on…..


“When it comes to forcible entry, we must have options. We must have a plan A, B, C, D, and so on. Even residential forcible entry does not have a “one size fits all” method to success. In order to have multiple plans, we must be adaptable with our tool selection. We also must recognize when our methods aren’t working and when it is time to move to the next plan.” Chapter 19, Page 192.


 The benefit of the internet and social media…


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The 360˚ Lap
“The building involved was a three-story, wood-frame structure with a basement and was constructed on a sloping grade that caused the building to have a different appearance depending on the side being viewed. Firefighters entering the building saw only one side and were not aware of the building’s actual arrangement. The firefighters’…

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“Show the love”
Leadership is a foundation principle of our book and also the foundation of our success on the fireground. It is incumbent upon all of us regardless of rank, affiliation, or pay status to seek out mentors to develop our leadership skills because we all lead people.…

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"Residential Recognition - Take off the blinders!"

"All our senses must be on alert. We must use all our five senses to gather intelligence about the bigger picture, then attempt to validate the smaller tactical pieces to make sure the outcome is what is anticipated. We must absolutely resist the temptation

to put the blinders on and run like a moth to a flame in our tactical decision making." Chapter 21, Page…


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Make Your Ladders Happy!


“Portable ladders want to be used at fires. They want to get out of their ladder racks and be used, see the light of day, be near the heat and smoke, and help you do your job more quickly and easily. They live to be thrown against residential building fires. It makes them happy. They love to be carried or dragged into place by one firefighter. They want to be placed at the level of the residential windowsill for best overall operations.” Chapter 22,…


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“Beware of smoke from everywhere”

 Basement fires, and their tell-tale sign of smoke from everywhere, is arguably the most dangerous fire we encounter. Sadly, this was made evident by the recent LODD of Patrick Wolterman in Hamilton, Ohio and the close call in Toledo with FF Dorner last month. The latter has taken the time to share his story, which is imperative for us to read and share to learn. The former, sadly cannot share his story, but yet we must learn…


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What do the stats have to do with it?
"This book identifies 25 prevalent and vital topics necessary for firefighters and company officers to address when called to combat fires in residential buildings, highlighting issues common to fires in those structures.These topics are obviously not an exhaustive or exclusive list, but are compiled from our personal and…

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“We bring water”

 “What is consistent is that it does not matter what the specific situation is, hose will be laid in the street and we will be shortly filling it. There is a no valid excuse in hydranted areas why an engine company on a reported residential structure fire would

not lay out. The following are some excuses that may

be used:

• Complacency: “We have been to this place two

times today,” or “We never run…


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"The Greatest Show on Earth"

Time is quickly approaching for FDIC​ which provides one of the greatest honors for any instructor but also provides a platform and opportunity to share your message.We are humbled and honored to be able to share the 25 to Survive: Reducing Residential Injury and LODD​ message again this year.

According to the USFA, in 2013 & 2014 there were 25 line of duty deaths that occurred in the residential structure when…


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Don't be knotted up when seconds count!

Today we share the simple tip that can save you seconds when the portable ladder is needed to be quickly deployed and utilized for rescue or access. 

"When a life hangs in the balance, the extra time it may take to untie this knot is absolutely avoidable

and unacceptable. The rope likely has a memory and has been sitting out in the elements, making it even

harder to…


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It's Really The Only Time You Have

"We know that the SCBA is our only protection against the products of combustion. It protects our respiratory system from harm. There is a big difference, however, between wearing your SCBA and using it. We would never go into a fire without wearing one on our

backs, but sometimes, perhaps for a small incipient fire or in the overhaul stages, we don’t wear it. How many times have you been at a job where once one firefighter takes his or her mask…


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“What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us;

what we have done for others and the world remains and

is immortal.” Albert Pike (Introduction, Page 14)

We start our book with this quote and we end every class with this quote because it captures how we should conduct ourselves each and everyday. It forces us to perform a level of self evaluation and determine if our actions are…


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Do you PPV?

"Positive pressure ventilation (PPV) is a topic worthy

of some discussion. Ladder companies that carry PPV fans must be well versed in their use. There is a tendency that if someone sets a PPV fan at the front door, it should be started and run. This is not always the case. PPV fans are excellent tools for removing smoke…


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Are you planning for success or for failure?

"The key for the engine company to bring water to

each and every reported and actual residential fire is

several fold and begins with correct behavior. Every

single engine company, from the first arriving to the

last one on the final alarm, must come into the game

with finding and…


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"Happy Father's Day"

"We need to mentor and to mold that positive energy into the creation of good fireground habits. We can’t blame our recruits for being eager. It’s good when firefighters are ready to learn. Accept that eagerness as it is, and share with your experiences and knowledge. Be a mentor and role model to them. Make them the best firefighters they can be." Chapter 6, Page 55.

Today we celebrate one of the most important influences in many…


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"Give your Ladders a little love"

"A clean tool is a happy tool, and portable ladders are no exception. Keep your ladders free and clear of fire debris and clean as needed with careful focus on the extension ladder's moving parts. Pulleys, ladder locks, and fly section channels are prone to collecting debris." Pg. 270, Chapter 22.

Often hidden in a compartment and out of sight, the portable ladder is thrusted into action at a working fire with an occupant…


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"Never forget and always be grateful"

Today we take a moment to thank each and every veteran and their families for the sacrifice they have made to provide for our freedoms. We remember all of those brave soldiers who did not make it home and made the ultimate sacrifice, giving their life, for those of us resting under that blanket of liberty. …


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The 360- Degree Check

Whatever you call it - "The Lap", "360", "Walk around", it does not matter but what does matter is that you, or depending upon the size of the structure, have someone complete it and rely the information learned to the people going into harms way.

“In this incident, the first arriving engine crew was met by an excited homeowner who informed them that the fire was in the basement and directed them to the front door and down the stairs.…


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On this last installation of the look, listen, and feel approach to our search technique, we discuss how,…


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