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This is the shape of things to come.  Every year, the average age of the volunteer pool goes up.  The lack of support from the public and government bodies and the need for people to put in the time and money it takes to stay up to speed means that vollies that do start, drop out of the program.  Very few will still be getting up at 'O dark 30 when the pager goes off, 2 years from now.  

I have no idea what it will take to turn the trend around.  Money and love are in short supply if you don't have political power behind you.

it sucks that they shut us down i was one of the avon firstresponders and what was said in the paper wasnt true we did have the man power I had 8 people lined up to take the class and volunteer thier time i loved doing it and i was even pregnant at the time even when she was bored i was still getting up at 2-3 in the morning to go to a call .. i wish people in this town you cherish what we had because now we dont have it and its tough a good friend of mines little boy was having an asthma attack and couldnt breath and she had to drive him 30 min to the hosp when we could have been there in 10 min if that !! it makes me soo angry that they shut us down

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