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I wanted to know if any depts are using a 2 1/2" to two 2 1/2" outlet gated wyes for the hookups (to the standpipe outlet) to allow for one person to control the standpipe discharge for 1st and 2nd line and cut down on lengths needed and people for the second line usually hooked up two floors below? For 2 1/2" lines of course. Thanks


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OKla. City uses 1- 21/2" line per standpipe outlet. Lots of discussion about these things in the High-Rise Group. Come join!
my dept uses a 10- 15 21/2 pony to a gated wye off the stand pipe. a high-rise bag is carried with pipe wrench, chocks, a short piece of rope, a screwdriver, and a pair of pliers.

We connect to the standpipe with a 10' section of 2.5" hose conected to a gated wye, from there we conect (2) 1.75" attack lines.

For condo nozzles we are using TFT mid matic 50 psi, this gives us 180 gpm and the psi can be controled at the nozzle without messing up the stream, what are you guys using for nozzles?

When it comes to Standpipes, the problems usually are the outlet themselves. This would be akin to the folks who like to use 1 3/4" hose attached to a gated wye. If your backup line comes off the same outlet, what happens when there is a failure of the outlet? Maybe there is a factory pre-set PRD on the outlet? Sometimes you cannot tell the difference till it is too late. Now both your primary and backup lines are out of service, and the members are scrambling for an area of refuge! To bring a backup line from one floor below usually means one additional length. There should be mandatory inline gauges on each outlet for safety, (these should be in your kit.) Keep smoothbore 1 1/8" tips on the hose rollups, and here is a them at 40 psi nozzle pressure. You will be suprised at the difference in nozzle reaction, and the gallonage is still there.
Keep the gated wyes on the pumpers. Weather it is small or big lines. You have a lot going against you in a Standpipe Op. Don't add to the mix!
I agree with the back up line comment totally. Great points!

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