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Our fire apparatus currently have two or three cross-lays. They are 1-3/4 inch, two of them are 200 feet in length and a 150 feet. We have a couple of progressive firefighters wanting to convert one of the cross-lays to 2-1/2 inch 200 feet. We have flow tested 2-1/2 inch attached to the 1-3/4 inch connection and able to get 325 gpm out of it. Yes, we have a 2-1/2 inch preconnect off the rear but it seems like we (as a department) forget about using it early in a fire and rely to heavily on the 1-3/4 inch cross-lays.

I feel that we should change the cross-lay to include a 2-1/2 inch but we are having heavy opposition from many of the other officers and members of the department.

Wanting to know how many other fire departments out there are using the 2-1/2 inch cross-lay and the reasoning behind it?

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Thad! It depends what type of territory you have? In my area it would not work, because we have a three man ENGINE and water supply is always and issue (even in some hydrant areas). Last week I put out a 1200 square foot fully involved fire with and inch and three quarter line relatively quick. I truly feel it is who you have on the line as well. We do have a 3 inch blitz line on the back of our truck we pull at times. A good guy to talk to is Lt. Ray McCormick, he has some great ideas and suggestions. Let me know if you need anything. Take care, Todd McKee
Our territory encompasses approxiametly 100 square miles and includes city and rural areas. We have one engine setup for city responses, one setup for rural responses and another setup for heavy rescue but as a backup city engine. We have one ladder truck as a city response unit.

Even though we train on the 2-1/2" preconnect off the rear it seems like it is forgotten about when we have big fire. The crew grab the 1-3/4" cross lay most of the time.
Thad, search in Lt McCormick's 'Start Water' group. The entire thread is devoted to Engine Company operations. There have been a lot of discussions about 2 1/2 lines and smooth bore nozzles. If you want to find a bunch of good reasons to use them, you will find them there

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