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tonight at training our asst. chief had us play a little game the wager was push ups the game went like this. we split up into teams our captains would choose who vs who. the truck was the ladder truck. it has the most tools in the most random places. i got sent for the water shut off key. i had no idea where it was. i caused us to do five pushups i wnet ahead and did ten incase i messed up again i was ahead of the game. i now know where the water shut off key is...
this game came up after a couple of guys went to the truck and they had forgotten or never actually knew where the tool they were looking for was. plus we have a new guy on our department and it was good to show him where even the most basic tools were

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Good way to get people familiar with their rigs. Try playing scavenger hunt in your district. Send out crews with a list of things that are out of the ordinary. Houses with FDCs, out of service hydrants, houses that need a reverse lay, where are the utilities on the big box store, etc. Then give them digital cameras and the last back buys ice cream.

Train! Train! And then train some more!! (but have fun:-))
Those are some great ideas!! We are supposed to inventory our rigs at least once a month, so to start with newer folks, when they come in to hang out, we will often have them do an inventory on a certain truck. Our rescue squad is the tool box and has more on it, so usually thats a challenge for them. Doing an inventory forces them to find EVERY tool on each truck. From there we play "stump the new guy" which inevitably stumps an older guy as we take turns picking a tool for the newbie to find....only slamming 1 compartment door. Its always a good refresher for us too...everyone forgets SOMETHING. Its by no means a perfect system, but it gets guys thinking, and keeps ones from just coming in and plopping down in front of the idiot box....hopefully they remember something during their ventures.

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