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I hear alot of talk about smooth bore VS fog and hose diameter but not much about flow. Ask yourselves" do you really know what your weapons are flowing or capable of flowing? I don't mean what the label on the gun says. I am talking about reality based on the particular line being used, the pump discharge pressue, and the fiemen handling the line.You would be surprized at what reality will show you.I am a firm believer in blasting the fire with a overwhelming amount of water to get a quick knockdown. Besides commenting on what I have said I would like to ask you guys what your guns are really capable of. Thank you and hope to hear from you.

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1 3/4" with a TFT constant gallonage 75 psi nozzle = 175 gpm (200 ft. line pumped at 175)
2 1/2" with a TFT constant gallonage 50 psi nozzle= 250 gpm
2 1/2" with a 1 1/4" smoothbore 50 psi at the nozzle = 265-280 gpm (Discharge pressure 75 psi)
We just did this very thing to reinforce the point that not all formulas fit. Each nozzle was evaluated for ease and maneuverability of the nozzle FF.

Elkhart SM20F- 180 gpm (can flow more, but this was practical in any position)
15/16" SB - 180 gpm (again best practical flow)
Vindicator - 250 (best practical as handline)
Vindicator - 300 (still practical with 2 FFer's slightly harder to manage over extended time)
Vindicator- 375 gpm (seated using 1.75" but 300 psi EP!)
Vindicator- 450 gpm (EP 200 psi using 2.5" easily manageable)
RAM Monitor- 500 gpm @ 200 psi using 2.5" (normally used with 3")

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