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Our county is in desperate need of a roof vent prop. We would like to build one this coming year and need plans. I dont want to reinvent the wheel so if any one has plans or knows where to get plans I would greatly appreciate any info.

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How detailed do you need them to be and how much do you have to spend. One of the districts has a awsome roof prop that they built on top of their burn/flashover building. Very safe and user friendly. Also spendy.

Let me know and I'll draft the couple that I've seen that seem to work.

Thanks for the reply

They dont have to be too detailed as we will probably have to modify them to fit our needs. I am mainly trying to get an idea on how high to build it and if a multiple or variable pitch prop is feasible. I would like to be able to build it for a couple of thousand dollars (up to 5) if possible.
I like this prop very much. It was built by firefighters from the Central Valley Fire Dept. in Belgrade, MT.

Hope that it helps,
There is a nice one outside Oklahoma City at there local "trade" college that does fire service training. The prop has drop in brackets for 2x material you can use 2x4 all the way up to 2x12 to give the "feel" of hitting the rafter with the saw. The prop is completly adjustable via a hydralic cylinder that will pivot the prop ( that is hinged) from flat, 4/12,6/12,8/12,10/12. It is built about eight feet off the ground and has a large paltform around 3 sides for observation. It is roughly 30 feet wide by 12 tall? I am truley guessing here. It is divided into 2 sides With a Instructor "ladder/steps" between the two. This allows for 1 side to be re-sheeted while cutting on the other side. Nice prop

Brian Arnold or Jarett Metheny both members on this site work at this facility and could get you more details.

We built this one for about $800-$1000 in materials. It has a variable pitch from 3/12 (as shown in pic) to about a 10/12.

The rafters are rim joisted by a 2x12 PT....the "rafters" are 2x8 PT, with 2x4 fir "sacrificial" top chord... I know that probably doesn't make sense...

The steel brackets were made...real basic corners and stiffeners... If someone at the house can "fab" just a bit, you would be set to go. (They didn't want me to weld, as I am used to 12V batteries, jumper cables, and junk-yard rod... ;-) )

I have seen this built up on conex boxes too...and applied to another districts' "tower"...
Let me know if you want some more pics... I am on a 48 tomorrow and can go out back and shoot a few...

Here is one at a Dept just up north of us...same Idea...Sorry it is a background pic, but you can see the "sacrificial" 2x4's on top of the regular rafters...
Ours is out behind our station (substation)...thiers is at a regular training ground...
There is a web site called TES2 check it out. Its an awesome site with many prop blueprints on it.
Dan, Attached is a roof prob our shops made for us. It's two 2" angle iron with rebar welded to it every 16" on center. The rebar is welded 1 3/4" apart so a 2X will fit very snug. Then you can put your 2 x 4, 2 x 6,8,10 (8 footer are a good length to work with) and nail plywood over it and start cutting. I would reccommed nailling a 2 x 4 too the ends of the 2x's for stability. Good luck and BE SAFE!
To all who replied

I havn't checked this in some time but thanks for all the great pictures and info


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